PERM filing --- > 2 simple concerns

Hi there, I am a Canadian citizen on TN status (3 year expiry). Also, just for your info,I am an EB3 Indian born.

Reading CuriousGeorge's post, I know employer files PERM and I-140.

My concern is with those two steps -
1) What if I filed PERM with one employer and found another completely different employer after?
2) What about the same with I-140 ? Say I get the PERM approved with the same employer and change jobs after filing for I-140?
3) What about if I change jobs AFTER being approved for I-140?
4) I read that the PD starts from the time you file the PERM ?

When is switching jobs / sticking to one employer CRITICAL, basically, is the main question ?

Thank you,


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1) you will have to file perm again
2) you need to file a new PERM and new I-140 but you can keep your priority date.
3) This is grey area. You can continue to use TN but that's kind of grey area.
4) yes