Passed the 10 year ban, now Canadian citizen and planning to go to the US


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Hi all,
I was on a different citizenship when I was living in the US under F1, then H1B, then B1/2 before overstaying for more than 1 year and left voluntarily on my own. I have passed the 10 years ban period and wondering, what will happen if I'm going to the US as Canadian citizen?

I understand that despite the fact that I have new citizenship, the ban is still on my profile, but wondering if anyone knows what the process looks like at the immigration for someone like me who is now carrying a Canadian citizenship where I do not need to apply for a US visitor visa?

I'm assuming, if I need to apply for visitor visa, I need to declare the time I spent on US soil and US consulate will know that I was overstaying and I was the subject for the 10 year ban and therefore, they less likely to approved my visa, right? But as Canadian, I do not need to apply for visitor visa.

That said, I'm wondering, if my 10 year ban history will create problem when I'm entering the US using Canadian passport? Would that be any difference if I'm entering the US by land or by air?

Thx all!


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Land border entry to the US is still restricted to essential travel right now, so if you are going to the US for tourism right now, you will have to fly in (which requires a negative COVID-19 test within the 72 hours before the departure of the flight).

Since the ban is over, you have no ban, so the procedure of your entry would be no different than any other Canadian citizen. However, as always, the officer can, in his discretion, deny your entry for "failure to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent" for anything in your history he doesn't like, including past overstays.