Opening a new business?


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Hi everyone,

I am a Canadian Citizen, have a business that i'm currently operating in Canada. Looking to start a business in the US as I need a US address and bank account associated with a US address for one of my suppliers (who only sell to US customers). I was thinking of registering a business (if I could do so) and opening a bank account with that business name.

Basically all I would be using this business for is to purchase goods in the US and export them to Canada (to my Canadian business). This would all be managed from Canada so I dont need to physically be in the US or work in the US to do any of the purchasing.

Is this possible?


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well if its not going to operate the same in canada we cant consider it as a branch its more appropriate to call it a station or a purchasing station this is possible but if you wont going to operate like the same in canada you will have more expenses in this station.


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Do not be tempted to start a retail store just because you find a cute, affordable space. Location means everything in retail and a good location usually costs a lot of money. There's no doubt cell phones can make dramatic improvements in the lives of those in the developing world; the challenge is bringing those benefits to everyone.The local government is a big market that small businesses can tap. Small businesses can win thousands of dollars a year in local government contracts. The challenge lies, however, in knowing the ins and outs of selling to the government and understanding the government procurement process.


in other words you need to bribe ( lobby) someone in the gov. in order to sell your product??
yes mobile phones can make a big impact in developing world ... they can cook them and eat them when they run out of food or drink them when there is no water ...


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You need to have the real affiliate authorized dealer in US. So google for good article to select a dealer.


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hm .. so you gonna be trading between your companies in the usa and in canada ??
smart thing .. after while you can get a loan from the bank and buy stuff from your own company but never deliver the goods to your other company ... nice scam .. it could work .. not coming over to the usa is off course first thing on your mind .. you don't want to be getting banged up ..


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For starting business,you should Research and Plan Your Business,Choose a Business Location,Finance Your Business,Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business,Obtain Business Licenses and Permits.


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There's no doubt cell phones can make dramatic improvements in the lives of those in the developing world; the challenge is bringing those benefits to everyone.The local government is a big market that small businesses can tap.


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You should Research and Plan Your Business.Choose a Business Location finance Your Business,determine the Legal Structure of Your Business Obtain Business Licenses and Permits.


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Opening a new business is really a good news but it is also necessary for you to be careful about the things that are required in that, it is good to have the best capital to spend in the business and a good plan, promotion of the business of the business is also necessary and there are various way for that, business need a risk.

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I would say that it is possible to work in usa while you are not present in usa. However i suggest you that you should personly go in usa that will give you more benefits than out sourcing.


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Yes, it is possible to export goods from USA to Canada.Importing and exporting can help your business expand at home or abroad, but it’s important to follow all laws and regulations. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have basic information on importing and exporting. Most items exported to a foreign buyer will not require an export license. However, all items are subject to export control laws and regulations. The best way to find out if an item requires an export license is by checking which agency has jurisdiction over, or regulates, the item you are trying to export. Search this list of federal departments and agencies to find out whether you need an export license for your product.