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Vishnu Mahadev

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OCI - San Francisco tracker has been rendered dormant for quite some time now.
I am willing to sign up to keep it up-to-date.
I will publish results in tabular format.
Please send your dates and events in chronological fashion.
Is there any other tracker being used outside this forum for OCI purpose?


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OCI Reissue Update -

FedEx Ship Date - 6-SEP-2014
Delivered to CKGS San Francisco - 9-SEP-2014
CKGS Acknowledgement Date (email received/CKGS website updated) - 12-SEP-2014
Consulate Acknowledgement Date (passport.gov.in website updated) - 16-SEP-2014
Visa Printed at New Delhi (passport.gov.in website updated) - 2-OCT-2014
Visa Dispatched from MOIA (passport.gov.in website updated) - 7-OCT-2014
Visa received at San Francisco (passport.gov.in website updated) - 14-OCT-2014
New US Passport delivered to CKGS by FEDEX for MATCHUP - 17-OCT-2014
Passport Received at CKGS back from consulate (email received/CKGS website updated) - 29-OCT-2014
FedEx picked up Package - 30-OCT-2014
Received OCI and Passports - 1-NOV-2014