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The status on the BLS website still remains the same, but when I called them again yesterday, they asked me to send the U.S passport for matchup. I went ahead and sent it. Hopefully the rest of the processing doesn't take too long!

If BLS does not entertain you in person, what is the solution?


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I got my OCI card. The whole processing was such a horrible experience. There is lot of room for improvement for BLS, that's all I can say.


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Hi Kaushik/anyone who can shed some light!

I applied for OCI along with renunciation in the second week of July. Here is the timeline:

Date Of Acknowledgment 17-JUL-2013
Registration Status at Mission NEW YORK CGI
Documents Printing Status PROCESSED On 07-AUG-2013
Dispatched From MOIA (OCI ) NEW DELHI On 08-AUG-2013
Document received At NEW YORK CGI On 13-AUG-2013

I have not heard anything from BLS or NY CGI since then. I have tickets booked to India in the first week of December. I have called the BLS office almost every day in the past 2 weeks. But there has not been any progress. They just keep saying I need to wait. I simply can not wait since I have a India trip coming up in about a month.

When I called them today and asked if I can visit them in person to see whats going on, they said no and it wouldn't help. Also, they suggested not to send the U.S passport for match up until I hear from them. I am just stuck and don't know what to do!

Can anyone suggest anything to expedite the process?


I am planning to send my renunciation and OCI application together. I have the application and supporting documents ready but would like to clarify few things before I send it out.

1. Do I need to put in 2 prepaid envelopes or just one?
2. What about notorization as I went through the instructions and could not find anything in it. Do we need that?

I tried both the phone numbers on their contact us page but both NY numbers are not working. :mad: