NZ PhD Student Visa, 5 Month Processing time

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  1. KhurramMunawar

    KhurramMunawar New Member

    Hay friends,
    I am PhD applicant from Pakistan

    My Timelime:
    September 27 ,2017 Applied for a PhD Student Visa
    October 10 ,2017 Application Transferred to IPB ,Wellington
    October 11 ,2017 Initial Assessment Completed and some additional documents requested
    October 12 ,2017 Additional Documents Sent
    October 24 ,2017 Case officer assigned
    October 26 ,2017 Additional document requested ( Bank statement shows heavey Transaction ) ( Explanation and source of funds required )

    I will reply to Case officer in next two days

    and will keep you guys updated here

    Fingers Crossed.

    +92 333 7771435
  2. KhurramMunawar

    KhurramMunawar New Member

    October 29 ,2017 Explanation and source of funds provided to CO.
    October 30 ,2017 Email received from CO that documents received by IPB
  3. Neela_5

    Neela_5 New Member

    Thanks for the relevant information.
    However, I have got some extension on my start date.
    The recent update is that my application has been assigned to a case officer on 30/10/2017 and I am still waiting for a decision.
    Hope to receive a response from the CO sooner.
    Fingers crossed!
  4. Neela_5

    Neela_5 New Member

    Have you received a decision on your student visa application?
  5. KhurramMunawar

    KhurramMunawar New Member

    But i have received an email from case office that my case is under security check which is mandatory. for all the cases.
    I have been told to wait for atleast 2 weeks.

    Now two weeks are over and i am waiting for their email .
  6. KhurramMunawar

    KhurramMunawar New Member

    hi guys another good thread for National security check is on Dear Helper

    really good forum for discussion.
  7. KhurramMunawar

    KhurramMunawar New Member

    open the above url in a seperate window or tab.
  8. Neela_5

    Neela_5 New Member

    Thanks for the information.
    Please do share on this portal when your Visa gets approved.
  9. Phd2323

    Phd2323 New Member

    Hello all

    I have also applied for student visa for New Zealand. I also have fully funded scholarship. My case has been under NSC since 15 Sep, 2017. I have not got any update on it till now. Whenever i ask my visa officer about it, he tells me that it is still under process without telling me how much more time it will take.

    I think for Pakistani applicant, NSC is a very lengthy process. Waiting for an outcome soon.

    Fingers crossed
  10. Phd2323

    Phd2323 New Member


    It has been 5 months since i have applied for the student visa and still waiting. I am getting regular emails from CO that NSC is still under process.

    Is there anyone here whose visa has been granted in near past?

  11. Phd2323

    Phd2323 New Member

    @KhurramMunawar and Neela

    Any updates on your visa application?

    Mine is still stuck at NSC. It seems that everything has been frozen at this point.

    Waiting for your replies.
  12. Phd2018

    Phd2018 New Member

    Hi , is ths application processing time frame same even now ? Any improvement in the same?.

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