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Discussion in 'Homeland Security Harassment Issues' started by tsudhish, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have worked for a client for 15 working days. On the 15th day, I was given a few minutes notice and was escorted out of the building.
    I joined them a contractor. I am on a H1 B visa. Now the client is not paying me for my services.
    They say that they have a "Performance warranty clause" for the 15 day period in the contract which they signed with my consulting company.

    Since the consulting company did not make money, i am not being paid.

    Is there a way through which i can get paid?

    Please let me know, can I also go ahead and fight this case legally? Are there any agencies who volunteer to fight such a case?
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    welcome to the usa ..!!!!!this is just a beggining ..its common occurance ...

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