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    we are going to file 1-140. in the labor certification we have mentioned all the employment details. but we do not have experience letter from the last employer for 1 year. is it ok if we don't submit one letter. please advice
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    In lieu of an experience letter, you can ask any colleague who worked with you at any previous employments to certify that you worked with him/her during your period of employment. This is generally accepted in lieu of a formal experience letter.
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    thank you for reply. we have one more problem. we had the visa of that employer for 1 year and we had project for 2 months and rest of the period on bench.after one year we another project and changed our employer. without the knowledge while applying for labor we mentioned that we were in the employment for 1 year with that employer(thinking of the visa period). now what? we have other letters with so many years of experience. if we skip this one will it be ok
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    As long as you have experience letter which cover for number of years experience you state on the LC. If not, better to do LC again or you will get denied in I140 (which could be year later and have to redo stuffs again).
    I am in that situation already try to get BS+5 to EB2. But lucky I found out right before PERM apply. According to my HR, there are people from my company do not find out about it until their LC got approved. They LOST their PD (which is years years earlier) and HAVE to REDO Labor via PERM.
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    I am new to this form and would seek advice from other experience member advice on my problem regarding filling for Labour certification. I have worked for 7 different companies during my life. I am now working as full time IT support technician and my company is filling for LC for which i have already submitted experience letters of total 6 companies. I do not have experience letter from 1 of the employer and equally i cannot skip or omit this company from my LC application.

    I wanted to ask whether can i use termination letter for LC filling as my past employer? I did request multiple times to give me experience letter but he is cranky person not willing to give me experience letter. I have not asked this to lawyers of my organization as i do not know what could be implications.

    Thanks in advance for sharing thoughts.
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