NJ - License renewed for 240 days - GOOD NEWS


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My H1 extension is still pending at USCIS and my driving license got expired 1st feb. Went to Eatontown Regional Service Center to renew with photocopies of filing reciept (I-797) and a letter from the lawyer. Initially was adviced that DMV can only grant 90 days extension after visa expiry and mine was already taken care for 90 days extension when I renewed in 2005. I insisted that if USCIS allows me to stay (240 day rule) why is DMV making a fuss about it. I asked to speak to the main supervisor (Pat C.) and after cross-checking (may be with Trenton service center ??) she came back saying if I produced original receipt (I-797) DMV will extend my license for 240 days. I went back with original receipt and was granted an extension for 240 days.

Hope this information helps people as when I was looking for it couldn't find anything except one post which said they granted an extension in Trenton Service center after much arguments. However, this is official now and one can get an extension for 240 days.

What to take:

1. Original Receipt (I-797)
2. Letter from lawyer / Company
3. All other items as required for 6-point ID verification (see DMV site)
I had a similar case where my license was expiring and MVCs simply denied to extend the license. I got the original receipt for extension and went to REGIONAL SERVICE SITE (Wayne 23 N or Trenton), only they renewed it. Rest of the MVCs (even supervisors ) did not know the rules or simply haven't read their memos reg this. Request all of you who have impacted by this to log complains against the MVCs that your have visitied by going to http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/About/ContactEmail.htm

rmzm : the Lawyers letter etc was not necessary. Simply take the receipt with rest of your 6 point id.


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License renewal.

Hello everyone

My H1 extension is still pending at USCIS and my driving license gets expired on 29th April. Went to Eatontown Regional Service Center to renew with photocopies of filing reciept (I-797). The lady at counter refused to sign the renewal application , then I insisted to speak to the main supervisor. Initially she was not allowing me to speak to Supervisor. When i met supervisor and I forwarded original receipt (I-797), then she went thru memos and said DMV will extend my license one time for 240 days. And i got my license renewed.


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Got in Edison DMV

I got 240 days renewal in kilmer rd, Edison NJ today. A collegue advised me so. They said it is not possible in the reception. I insisted to check and they told me to talk to supervisor. He said I need to talk to a INS person who comes at 10am. Went back at 10, met the INS guy. He was cool, he explained and showed the papers to fellow DMV people too.
thanks ppl.


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We went for my wife's license renewal today (have not got here H4 yet, only Receipt Notice) and after a horror story at Trenton, we came over to the Lawrenceville office, where there is ONE and ONLY one person who knew the rule applies to H4s also. Everybody else, from the supervisors at Trenton to the supervisors & manager at Lawrenceville did not know that this is supposed to hold for H4 as well. All of them kept insisting that the 240 day extension is only for H1. Only this gentleman, Edward Fellow, knew the interpretation of the rule.

In short, here is my recommendation for NJ people having difficulty with H4 licenses.
1) Go to Lawrenceville DMV office, ask for Edward Fellow
2) Documents -
a) Original of H4 Receipt Notice
b) Original of LAST H4 approval - showing the I94 at the bottom
c) All other documents as usual - passport, marriage registration, SSN denial letter
d) Supporting H1 and passport needed too

Hope this helps.
Hi All,

I went to Cherry Hill NJ with the following documents.

1. Original Receipt
2. Employer Letter stating that we had filed the extension for employee with receipt number EAC-xx-xxxxxxxx

They did verify the 6 point verification document and they approved for 240 days extension of my visa expiration date.

The process was pretty smooth and great.

You can go to Journal Square DMV, Jersey City,
1. Original Petition
2. Employer Letter
3. 6 points (2 address proof)

in my case both 194 and licence was expired but they renewed it and process was smooth