NIW EB-2 Self Petition


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Hi All,

I have a foreign PhD in Engineering and have been working with a federal agency as a research fellow. I submitted my I-140 to Texas Service Center under EB-2 NIW. I mailed my package by Fedex on March 24th. The application package was delivered on Monday, March 28th. I have not recieved an email confirmation from USCIS even though I also submitted a form G-1145. Aren't they supposed to send an email acceptance notification within 24 hours? Am I missing something? What are the next steps?


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Hello ruszn,

Unfortunately, I am unable to answer your question. But, I am under the impression that your system should be updated quite soon. Hasn't it? And, didn't you get a confirmation yet?

I aim to go ahead with a NIW EB-2 Self Petition case and have similar credentials as you do. But, I don't live in the US right now, I live in Europe. Did you E-file your I-140 form? If so, could you please tell me how could you got past "Part 6: Basic Information about the proposed employment"? Since, a self-petition case doesn't need an employer I am in a dilemma. The E-file system (Part 6), still asks me for a US employer and unless I provide an address of a potential employer in the US, it will not let me go to the next section (Part 7). Please notice that I have indicated a European address in Part 1 and Part 3 of the I-140, since I live in Europe. Out of curiosity would you mind sharing the number of pages for your evidence package?