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USCIS called about Cybersoftec now in 2008! -- PLEASE HELP

Hello .. cybersoftec victim here .. how can I contact UN ?
USCIS is asking me about cybersoftec now ... I never joined them (once I learnt they were not paying their employees) PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Anyone know how to deal with this situation ?


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USCIS asked if I was involved in the fraud (did I purchase the pre-approved labor?)

USCIS asked if I was involved in the fraud (did I purchase the pre-approved labor?). Please tell me how to deal with this situation.

Also, do you know any good attorneys who are familiar with Cybersoftec victims ?
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Another CST Victim

I am a CST victim too.My EAD and AP applied through CSTwere denied as they were not genuine...

Now on November 7,2007 I did file EAD and AP.My Lawyer,knowing my previous CST case suggested that we paper file the EAD and AP application. I have no LUD 's on them.

Its been over 3 months now and I am worried as to what could be the reason.

Last week when I called up the IO I was told that my case was not touched yet and i should get the result in few days.I was told that due to applications overload my case was not touched.....

Anyone in similar sitiuation.....

Did the CST victims who filed the AP and EAD after or on July 2007 recieve the cards?

Were there any RFE's???

Please let me know...



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Thanks for responding Mahek. Could you please elaborate why you think it would have been better if I had joined them ?

I did not join Cybersoftec because they were not able to get H1-B approved for me (even after several months!) By that time, I found some postings on which said that their employees did not get paid on time. At that point, I also had a fall-out with them, and they cancelled the job offer.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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The Recent I-485 Application Trends and Tracking

In the past few months, it has been possible for many foreign nationals to advance to the final stage in the permanent residence (green card) process. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) Visa Bulletin has shown employment-based, second preference (EB2) cutoff dates for India and China to be moving forward significantly since November 2011. This development has created much excitement, with numerous applicants seeking insight into case processing trends and timeframes.

There is currently a very clear trend toward rapid I-485 case processing. This begins with the issuance of receipt notices almost immediately upon filing, and the fingerprinting notices follow early in the process. EAD and AP approvals typically are received well in advance of the 90 days the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is allowed for processing these benefits. While it would be unwise to make plans that rely on receiving the EAD and/or AP rapidly, at this time, they are often in hand within 60 days of filing, and sometimes even earlier.

Finally, the much anticipated I-485 approval notices are arriving daily. While total processing time varies from filing to approval, it often takes less than five months. Individuals should not become overly concerned if they see others who have cases moving a bit more quickly. Cases are neither all processed in a completely uniform manner, nor at the same pace. There are differences from one USCIS service center to another, as well as numerous other factors that contribute to variation in the time each case takes to process.

The USCIS is doing a remarkable job, quickly moving through each step in the I-485 case process. This is particularly noteworthy, given the volume of I-485 cases now eligible for filing and adjudication due to the movement of the cutoff dates. This is good news for those who have been able to file in the past few months.