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.Net Developer looking for H1B sponsor

Discussion in 'Employers Post Your Jobs - Free, of Course' started by marioana, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)


    I am looking for a company who is willing to give me a job and sponsor me for a H1B visa. I know the cap for year 2006 has been reached, and if there will be no more visas in 1Oct I will wait until next year.
    I have 2 years work experience, 1.4 month in web development with C# and another 8 months working with VC++ and COM.
    My brainbech transcript number is : 2033140.
    I am willing to pay for the sponsorship fees needed at USCIS.
    Skills: C#, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, MS SQL-Sever, Stored procedures, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, IIS, VSS, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, VC++.NET, COM, ATL
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  2. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)

    still looking...
  3. lorven999

    lorven999 Registered Users (C)

    email me

    we have a opening and need to close by today evening. please email me ..we can sponser H1...No need to pay
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  4. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)

    I wrote you an email...I hope it's not too late...
  5. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)

    No reply..I guess it was too late...so, back to searching...
  6. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)

  7. vbiswa

    vbiswa New Member


    Hi ,

    This year h1b quota is already over, r u going to sponsor for next year quota?

  8. marioana

    marioana Registered Users (C)

    Yes I a looking for a sponsor for next year.
  9. nadeem_naad

    nadeem_naad New Member

    if your looking H1-B sponsorship please send me your updated reusme.

  10. srbose

    srbose Registered Users (C)

    Net Developer looking for H1B sponsor


    I am looking for a company who is willing sponsor me for a H1B visa. I have many years work experience in India and USA.

    Skills: VB6.0, VB.Net,C#, HTML, XML, SQL, MS SQL-Sever, Stored procedures, IIS, VSS, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, COM+, SAS.
  11. infoobjects

    infoobjects Registered Users (C)


    Hi SRBose,

    InfoObjects is sponsoring H1B visas for next year. Please send your details to me asap and I'll get back to you within hours.


    (408) 823-9131
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  12. srbose

    srbose Registered Users (C)

    Rishi I am not under H1B cap

    Attorney can file H1B with my current H4 and I will get my new H1B
    as of recent law passed in USCIS . I have three years remaining
    on my H1B when I entered in USA in 1999. I am not under any H1B
  13. Renegate

    Renegate New Member

    Hi I am seeking for H1 visa sponsorship for any upcoming full time job if you have available.

    Programming with: C#, T-SQL, XML, Web Services, Javascript, DHTML/HTML, CSS, Reporting Services, .NET Framework 1-2-3, Windows Forms, ADO.NET,Server side stored procedures on SQL and CLR integration

    Databases: MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 (1.5 years), Access
    Administrate Active directory, DHCP, ISA, IIS

    Work experience in position .Net Developer 4 years
    was in business trip in USA.
    Upon your request, i will send you full resume. Thank You
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  14. t11omas

    t11omas New Member

    Hi i am seeking H1B sponsorship visa for any upcoming full time jobs.

    I am a talented .Net Developer with 5 years experience in the full SDLC

    I have extensive .Net knowledge and worked on a number of projects.

    Full resemue on request.
  15. allenjone

    allenjone New Member

    Hi I am seeking for H1 visa sponsorship for any upcoming full time job and part time jobs if you have available.
  16. Thomasmark

    Thomasmark New Member

    Share your profile on xxxxxx if looking for H1B and Green Card Opportunities.
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  17. Kuwukus

    Kuwukus New Member

    I am experienced .NET Developer with 6 years experience. Looking for H1B sponcorship. I have experience of working with C#, ASP.NET MVC, T-SQL, Javascript, Knockout, some Angular, Web API, SQL Server, query tuning. Also I know design patterns and software development principles(SOLID, YAGNI, etc.). Experience include Scrum.

    Can anyone help to get information about such companies?

  18. vivekkumar

    vivekkumar New Member

  19. vivekkumar

    vivekkumar New Member

    hi i am also looking for the H1b sponsorship. if you know any one please ping me. my mail id vivekkumar.m.info@gmail.com. if i know any details i will ping you the same
  20. MichaelMarkeev

    MichaelMarkeev New Member

    Hi I'm experienced developer with overall more than 10 years of work experience. I'm looking for a company who is willing to give me a job and sponsor me for a H1B or Green Card.

    · Expertise in C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Interbase, FoxPro, Paradox, Git, HTML5, SQL, Visual Studio. Bootstrap, JSON, Windows Forms, Borland Delphi, ADO .NET, Entity Framework, Software Development, .NET Framework CSS, Web API, CSS3, LINQ Ajax Knockout, Java(a bit), C++(a bit), Design Patterns and Programming Techniques. Have been involved in a number of commercial software projects, SharePoint and MVC .NET business applications and other Client-Server and Web technology projects.

    · Skillful, experienced developer with good communication and analytical skills. Always trying to be innovative, identify and develop opportunities.

    My email: diamonddragontp@gmail.com;

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