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  1. Majid875

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    Hi guys,
    I want to thank u all in advance for ur help and precious time.

    My priority date is in April 2001, in my case company A applied my I140 and 485 in 2007. I got NOID in April 2013 because they say that in their investigation they came to know that company A was sold to company B in 2009. In fact the real fact is that company A was sold to company B in 2005, where as my I140 papers were filed in 2007 by company A. Even though company B is willing to take my case forward and help me, I don't know whether USCIS is going to accept it and not deny my case because company A was not owners of business in 2007. Please respond.

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  2. whitemimauz3

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    Your employer B need to response with successor in interest, what it means is employer B is ready to take obligation of hiring you, will keep job open for you to accept and continue to have ability to pay proffered wages.
  3. Majid875

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    Thanks for ur response , is it ok even though employer A filled my I140 2007 after he sold the business in 2005, I am just worried that they might not ask me to start over again. Employer B is willing to hire me and gave me a letter in support of it.

    Thanks once again for ur help.
  4. hazelickes

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    Since your Employer A sold his company, Employer B has respond and has to take the case further.


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