Need help with AP question


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Gurus, all help with this question will be much appreciated.

I need to file for an AP as dad is sick, I need to visit him and I may lose my job anyday with the economic downturn. I already have an EAD that is valid but have been working on H1B (in 8th year of extension) and don't think I can find a new job that will transfer that AND allow me to go home for 20-25 days at the same time. Getting a new job using AC21 and EAD is an easier,

1. If I file my AP tomorrow (TSC) how long will it take the immigration gods to approve it? How long is it taking these days?
2. In case I do need to leave in a hurry is it possible to have someone mail me the EAD and reenter using that in case the b'turds lay me off?
3. In case I need to expedite the AP what is the procedure and how long does it take? (I read on other threads here that 'the lawyers' can send a letter etc.)

Needless to say that all these would have been completely unnecessary if the idiots did their job and approve my 485 (the priority date's been current twice since)



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Advance Parole -
I got mine and my wife's Advance Parole in 10 days. In fact my wife got it in 5 days.
I applied through attorney - The attorney did a excellent job regarding expedite process
His cover letter did the entire job I guess.
The expedite process really worked for me - be +ve and go through an attorney u should be good.
In fact we applied AP because my mother-in-law was sick


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Do you have the address of the attorney u used? Or the example of the letter that he send? Could you PM me either? I'd be much obliged...

Also, do gurus know how long is the process taking, generally?



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I applied in Nebraska service center. It usually takes 1 month in my wife's case (if no RFEs). in my case it took complete 3 months as they put RFE. While it was processing I had urgent need of AP to travel, so I had to FAX the expedite request with supporting documents (cover letter explaining why u need it early, Dr. letter if any and copy of air ticket reserveration), they approved it in a week after I sent (faxed) those documents.


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In my case, my father-in-law was in serious condition and my wife had to leave to India immediately. We had applied for AP about 2 weeks ago and we got the receipts by then. Doctor treating my father-in-law had sent us a scanned copy letter stating his condition.
We just walked to the local office with that letter and AP receipt. Immig. officer came back to us after half hour or so and asked us to fill the I131 form again with 2 photos......issued my wife AP.

So, I would advice you to walk in to your local USCIS office with supported documents and I think you should be fine.

Good luck to you!!