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Back in 2003 I filed I-130 and I-485 with my husband. Due to several domestic violence incidents. I am considering to file as a battered spouse.

The flip side is I been charged with several things:
1. Felonious Assault--Final Disp: Nolle Prosequi 2000
2.Contemp of Court--Guilty 2002
3.Issuance of a bad check -- Final Disp: 5/5 suspended. 2003 restitution of $1800
4. Domestic Violence--Fought back husband--Final disp: 2 probat. then dismissal. 2004

I know that this seems a lot of trouble that I have gotten into. However, the botton line is that I want to know what would be the possible outcome of this scenario.

As I researched I know that these are considered aggraveted felonies. Thus I need to get a glance of any available options in my future. Or just forget about filing any documents.

Currently a provider for three US children and have supporting documentation reporting spousal abuse. My background is somewhat grouded--work as a sub. Teacher and originally from Costa Rica.

There are a lot of issues pertaining to the reasons for these bad decision making. However nothing justifies the fact; but it is not only limited to a "poor criminal attorney" and limited resouces to obtain a better veredict.

***Please only serious replies, preferable from immigration attorneys***