N400 Test/Interview with misdemeanor


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This might have been asked before but I need your input regarding my case... I have an n400 interview/test in 2 weeks. This is what happened, I was charged with trespassing (misdemeanor) and spent 30days in adult detention center while my application is in process. I did my biometrics (fingerprinting) done before I had my court date and sentencing. I was discharged on October 2018.

Length of my application:
Filed in June 2018
Arrested in the same month.
Finished Biometrics on July 2018
Received a notice for interview/test in December.

What are the possible scenarios that could happen when I go to my appointment?

Am I still be able to get my citizenship?

No prior records/offense. Just this one.
Been in the US since 2002.
It’s been 8yrs since I last went out of United States.

Please advise.

Thank you all.


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According to me. you will after the interview get A Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) : a notice issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to petitioners for citizenship.

You ll be able to reapply but I dont know when exactly.

Good luck


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When you pass the interview, even for a tiny speeding ticket before the oath, you citizenship could be denied.
At the interview, the officer will ask or will already know the details of your story.


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Never heard of anyone getting denied citizenship for a speeding ticket.

OP please get a second opinion on your question.


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A misdemeanor wouldn't stop you from being naturalized. As long as you have the necessary paper work. "Disposition" need it for your file.

Walk with your disposition, tell the IO about the arrest . I'm no lawyer but you'll Be fine.

Please do yourself the favor. Bring up the arrest as soon as you're allowed to speak. Don't wait for the officer to ask or mention it. Looks good on your part.


All people posting are well meaning here - but at best it's all opinion and conjecture.

Certainly agree with SusieQQQ the comment about speeding tickets is not credible, sure at the remotest possibility anything is possible, but unless it's a "felony" speeding ticket, i.e. over 100 mph, you would never be denied.

However that's not relevant as we aren't talking about speeding tickets, we are talking about a misdemeanor which in itself shouldn't be a problem, however, receiving a 30 day sentence for a misdemeanor is highly unusual and would seem to suggest some serious issue to your charge as receiving incarceration for a misdemeanor is rare. Not wanting to pry on your circumstances, but there is obviously some rationale for this and didn't come unwarranted and therefore this is a fairly serious offence.

That being said, I would strongly recommend getting legal advice and representation as has been mentioned.