My online case status changes. Please help

They will send referral notice "denial letter" attached with another form called I-862 "Notice of appear" to appear in court in front of immigration judge. Anyway, that's too early to ask for that. What I understood from your previous posts, that you did your interview and waiting now for your decision. Go to online status check and recheck again. If it is still decision pending for long time then you possibly will not be referred to the court. Bad results comes very fast.
I used to think it that way.
Then, I heard a guy from China be referred to the court after 7 months decision waiting.
I have a true claim and I trust in Lord. But the system and process don’t care sometimes. I am -unfortunately- an overthinking person. That’s why I have negative thoughts like the decision might be referral and they wait until the shutdown is ended to send the decision!
That’s why I’m curious to know all the possibilities.
But thanks for your kindness and pure wishes and intentions
I will keep you posted
Any updates? Good news?
First of all, congratulations.
Second, the estimated time range for Processing time for Application for Employment Authorization (I-765), based on an approved asylum application [(a)(5)], is 3 Months to 5 Months.
As per today, the Receipt date for a case inquiry is August 25, 2018.
Keep tracking your mailbox, sure it will arrive soon. Also, keep tracking case status online and check processing tomes for I-765 online.
Do you have any idea what type of tax return should be filed by Asylee
Any income you gained from working in USA.
You have to report this income once you get immigrant status or asylee status
Also if you stayed more than 6 months in usa on visit or tourist visa, you have to file your taxes.