My Mom Had I 485 Interview But

Let me share the back ground of the case;
My mom was applied for Adjustment of Status (I 485) as Widow of US Citizen (I 360), both petitions has been filed three years back as Self Petitioner.
Last week my mom appeared for Interview for Adjustment of Status, however, I 360 has already been approved!
During the interview, officer ask lot of questions and successful answered!

Officer also ask for following documents;
1 - Police Certificate, due to age my mom finger print is not capture as per standard, so that's why they use Police Certificate as alternate.
2 - Medical, since initial petition has been file three year ago, so medical were expire and new medical need to file.
3 - Affidavit of Support, why this required, my mom is self petitioner and based on I 360, Affidavit of Support is exempted.

My question is, how we can obtain Police certificate? and regarding Affidavit of Support, what should we do, as per Law Self Petitioner is not required to submit and petition I 360 exempt form Affidavit of Sup[port!
Please help,,,Regards, Muhammad


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Widows do not need I-864. Did she file I-864W with her I-485? (I-864W is not used anymore as it is asked directly on I-485 forms since the public charge rule took effect earlier this year; however, if she filed 3 years ago, she filed with the old forms, and she should have filed I-864W.)