my 6yr limit approaching..tense


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Hi Guys,
   Need some help...My 6yr limit on H1 ends in Jan 2004.
   My company has applied for my LC (regular) in Mar 2001
   from the TSC (EB2).
   My RIR will be applied in July once the advertisement is
   completed in June.

    My lawyer is hopeful that i will pass the labour and apply
   for I-140 to get H1-extension based on time it took for
   RIR to complete for the cadidate he filed. But i am not
   too sure what would be my fate..Will i get extension i needed,
   OR Should i look for other alternatives like apply for Canada..
   OR go back to India and stay for 1 year and come back..then
   how would the situation be here..the economy..etc..
   I am totally confused..I would like some advice/experiences from
   you on this situation..

   Would anyone think it is possible to get H1 extension from TSC
    within the time limit. Any advice is appreciated.



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I guess you have lots of time left before you can say "I have give up". With the PERM regulations due for release, you would be in a better position than people who have filed for labour prior to you. Just think that days are not same everyday, so think positive and be optimistic.
  Be prepared for the worse. And the worse case would be to head to India.

Don\'t Worry!! Everything is going to be all right. Just a matter of time dude.

Hope this helped

jd imm

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Consider yourself to be one of the lucky ones , you have time TILL Jan 2004 and your labor was filed 2001 March , you have so many options , you have establislied your priority date and that\'s the most important thing . Texas cnter is picking up speed . Be happy :) .


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GC and 6years

Thanks guys for input.

I will keep my fingers crossed and see how it goes..I am hoping
PERM will bring some releif to everyone. Other than that, i will
keep other options open (apply to cannda). Let me know if any one
is in the same/similar boat so that we can exchange information.

There is some conflictiong information with regards to processing
times from Texas (state & DOL) from these 2 sites.
 state: RIR NON RIR
this site: 3/9/2001 2/13/02 12/01 3/01

this site: 9/2001 1/2000
fragomen: 7/2001 1/2000

Can any one tell what are the correct dates?