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Moving to Canada? Job Situation?

Discussion in 'Employment in Canada' started by get_it_done, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. infoplease

    infoplease Registered Users (C)

    A lot of those jobs are for unskilled workers, industrial, sales etc.
  2. coolguru

    coolguru Registered Users (C)

    Any Idea about how much annual salary I can expect as a consultant of JEE/Oracle having 7 years of experience, mostly in US?
    Also are there any success stories/suggesstion for working as independent consultant without joining any consulting firm OR 2-3 consultant joinging togather and making a firm of their own???
    Cool Guru
  3. hr_fcs

    hr_fcs New Member

    WebDeveloper in Arizona

    We have a Java webdeveloper postion in Arizona(USA), Position is open for canadian citizens, who are willing to work in US for a better career. It is an excellent opportunity with direct long term client. Interested candidates can send me resumet at xxxxxxx

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  4. puvathoor

    puvathoor Registered Users (C)


    You are presently working as an immigration attorney?..

    You paint a pretty bleak picture of the canadian job market. As a potential canadian myself, this concerns me..

    I have been enthralled by the natural beauty of canada and have been seriously considering moving to Canada. I have a PR application in process..

    I have a good job in Energy / O&G sector but am considering Canada coz of the boom in Alberta's oil sands..

    Rather than ask you questions about the economy (I can read those myself).. let me ask you a personal question.. Would you move to Canada from USA for
    - 30% lower salary
    - 20% lower salary than USA
    - 10% lower salary
    - only the same salary compared to USA
    - higher salary as compared to USA..

    Second question, .. Leaving money aside for a minute...

    If all money were equal (equal $by PPP, same company), then would you rather live and work in Canada or USA?
  5. puvathoor

    puvathoor Registered Users (C)

    Quality of Living Survey

    Something to think about.. here is the latest Mercer survey results..

    The top five cities in Asia were:
    Auckland (tied for 5th)
    Sydney (tied for 9th)
    Wellington (12th)
    Melbourne (17th)
    Perth (21st)

    The top five cities in Europe were:
    Zurich (1st)
    Geneva (2nd)
    Vienna (tied 3th)
    Dusseldorf (tied for 5th)
    Frankfort (7th)

    The top five cities in the Americas were:

    Vancouver (3rd)
    Toronto (15th)
    Ottawa (tied for 18th)
    Montreal (22nd)
    Calgary (24th)

    The lowest ranking Americas city in the top 50 was Seattle (tied for 49th).

    read more at http://www.mercerhr.com/summary.jht...1DSCTGOUGCHPQKMZ0QUJLW?idContent=1128060#lefe


    All top Quality of living cities are in CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!..

    Hey.. they must be doing something right..
  6. CourtneyEM

    CourtneyEM Registered Users (C)

    IT Work in Canada

    Given the labour shortage in Canada, there is a significant demand for IT workers in Canada. There's a great job search tool on a Canadian immigration website where you can search for jobs by Canadian location.
  7. Mobyluchiano

    Mobyluchiano Registered Users (C)

    Hello bigboy00,
    I just read your post. I would say you are lucky to get job that fast. I have an undergrad from US with accounting major and MBA from US with Finance concentration and still i haven't found job here in Canada. I live in Toronto area.
    When i was in US i was an international student there so i couldn't work there. I am a landed immigrant here in Canada. I moved in here in Oct, 2006. Since then i have been looking for a job. The biggest drawback is that i don't have work experience. Thats why i even applied for customer service job. They say i have high education and when i apply for higer post they say i lack work experience. You tell me where do i fit in?
    I have been to every so called STUPID headhunters, like roberhalf, accountemps,kelly,aon..etc..You name it..
    So i am thinking to apply to US; on a working visa...I don't know what to do..So frustated..

    So my advice for you guys who wants to move here from US, please STAY there unless you really have to move here...
  8. bigboy00

    bigboy00 Registered Users (C)

    Huh!? When did I say that I found a job in Canada? I was in fact in the same boat as you are in, and therefore I always try my best to caution people about finding jobs in Canada or moving to Canada.
  9. CourtneyEM

    CourtneyEM Registered Users (C)

  10. RuslanIE

    RuslanIE New Member

    Yes. Of course there are plenty of IT Job opportunity in Canada. The main thing which you must concentrate is job search. There are number of good job sites are there which providing a good service for the job seekers. I too find a good job in the Computing Industry through the job site Cloudjobs.net.
  11. azeem1984

    azeem1984 Registered Users (C)

    if reference available but not easy to find a batter job in canada
  12. Willshelp

    Willshelp New Member

    I've moved to Canada in search of better prospects in real estate and I'm quiet satisfied with that decision. Yes, one definitely needs to spend a great deal of time researching in this field to get good opportunities, but it will be worth it. If anyone who is interested to join the market there are great opportunities for you here in Canada. Check this resource for real estate training events: http://www.richardrobbins.com/events/free-seminars
  13. wassim

    wassim New Member

    Well I work in canada without a PR and i work at one of the largest canada immigration firm Mercan Group you can find it here and there are many programs that you can apply to work and then get your PR.
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  14. wassim

    wassim New Member

    Something between C$43,194 - C$100,00
  15. wassim

    wassim New Member

    thnx :D
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  16. hali-ando

    hali-ando New Member

    Dear Wassim, can you please tell me how can we do that, I mean find work in Canada without à PR, my husband n I r in the US both he's a software engineer, and we want to move to Canada currently working on our express entry profile but If u know an easier way == without PR please share it with us. Thank u so much

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