Most Common Questions About Express Entry

What is Express Entry?
Express Entry system was designed for people who want to migrate to Canada. This program was introduced in January 2015, which include 3 programs such as
• Canadian Experience Class
• Federal Skilled Worker Program
• Federal Skilled Trades Program
These programs are necessary in order to apply under an express entry system because you cannot apply directly. Moreover, these programs are designed according to different professions and works. People can choose their profession in the list and then follow rules to apply under an express entry system.

What is the process of Express Entry?
Canada express entry is explained as an online system which offers you to apply for permanent residency and work permit. This system works with the CRP which is known as a comprehensive ranking system. In this ranking system, you need to calculate your score first then you should check your score with the recent point list. Afterward, you should apply your application for the permanent residency of Canada.
At last, you have to wait for an invitation and after getting the invitation you are able to get a Canada visa.

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?
The comprehensive Ranking system is explained as a ranking system in which you can check your score with the goal to apply under the express entry system. This system is designed for examining the score out of 600 points. If you get sufficient points then you are able to get a PR visa of Canada. You can also visit Canada visa consultant in order to get all the details and information about express entry and CRS system.

Is a job offer mandatory?
No, a job offer from any Canadian company is not necessary. You can apply with your country’s job experience if you want to pursue your career in IT and other professions. But yes, some programs require job offer letters such as agriculture and caregivers.

How to get in express entry pool?
If you want to get into the pool of express entry then you need to create a profile according to some factors, for example, age, skills, profession, education, work experience, and language proficiency such as IELTS score. In addition, you can also add the requirements of your spouse if you are married. It will definitely maximize your score and you will be able to get in a pool. If you meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program then you are able to apply for the express entry program. On the other hand, you need a higher score in IELTS. Additionally, you need to crack the General training IELTS test so that you can apply for PR in Canada. You need 8 7 7 7 in General IELTS which demonstrates that 8 in listening and 7 in rest modules such as Reading, writing, and Speaking. If you are unable to crack the IELTS exam then you must join our IELTS center because we provide all the necessary tips for IELTS test.

How much I need to wait for an invitation?
This process usually takes 6 months to one year. After getting in the pool you have to wait for an invitation and then you are able to apply for a permanent visa.