mom getting interview, what about brother in US who is 20

Hi all,

My mom will be having her interview for GC in June in Saudi Arabia. I understand that she and everyone else accompanying her needs to get the processing done before September 2001.

My brother who is 20, is in US right now. He has a F-1 visa. I need to know what he needs to do to get his status changed. Does my mom needs to be here for him to get his GC? My mom had his name in the application as he will be accompanying her to US.

ANy help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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If your brother is in the application, he needs to go for the interview in June with your mother. He also needs all the paperwork, medical, police certificate, etc. ready for the interview. If their interview is successful, they will become permanent residents.
Your brother needs to do it now! Once he turns 21, he will not
be eligible!
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Thanks for ur answer Marta.

Actually my parents are having an interview on June 2nd. There is a possiblity for my brother to go over in saudi arabia and get his interview along with them. BUT I want to know if there its possible that my brother could just get his status changed here in US and then get the visa stamped later. Because my dad mentioned in the application that he sent to INS few months ago that my brother will be getting his status changed here in US. Please let me know what other options do I have. Thank u once again for ur assistance.


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I think he would be risking a lot to postpone his processing. The CP interview is his best shot. He could do the AOS I-485 (adjustment of status) in the USA but it usually takes 1-2 years. So if the INS is not able to do the processing before he reaches 21, they will drop his processing here in the USA and he won\'t be able to adjust. Then, he would have to get his GC on his own (in family category which takes 5 yrs or in employment category which is 3-4 yrs depending on the native country you come from).

The time (the lack of it) is his biggest problem. If it were me in his place, I would drop everything and anything and fly to the CP interview NOW to make sure that I get processed.
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Thank u once again Marta. U r a life saver.

I have already started processing to send my bro to Saudi Arabia for the CP interview. I will be going to Pakistan in next few months for my CP interview also for green Card. I hope everything will work out ok. Thanks for all the advice and assistance.