mistaken notions about about the new obama executive order on immigration

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here is an example of a misleading title

Obama Administration To Stop Deporting Younger Undocumented Immigrants And Grant Work Permits

Posted: 06/15/2012 9:41 am Updated: 06/15/2012 5:28 pm


here is some more information - less the fluff:

"06:02 pm June 15, 2012
by Corey Dade and Liz Halloran

President Obama's decision to stop deporting young, otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants could help rebuild his support among electorally important Latinos after 18 months of futile efforts, some activists said Friday.

"There is overwhelming support for the protection of these children, as there is in the rest of the country. I think this could have an energizing effect on Latino voters," says Clarissa Martinez del Castro, director of immigration and national campaigns for National Council of La Raza.

Del Castro is one of many immigrant advocates who earlier this week declared Obama's previous efforts to reduce deportations a failure. Most of them on Friday applauded his new plan.

But the initiative stops well short of Obama's 2008 campaign promise to overhaul the immigration system and doesn't measure up to the DREAM Act, which failed in the Senate in 2010 and began to erode Latinos' enthusiasm for Obama. And some immigration advocates spoke out against the move.

Mohammed Abdollahi, an organizer with DreamActivist.org in Michigan, said his group initially was excited, until learning the details. He notes that the policy doesn't guarantee any applicants relief from deportation. He says it merely reinforces a year-old initiative widely criticized for having failed in its goal of slowing deportations.

"What we've been asking for is an executive order from President Obama mandating that deportations of DREAM act-eligible people be stopped," Abdollahi said, speaking by phone from the Obama campaign's office in Dearborn, Mich., where he and other activists were staging a sit-in as protest. "We know that local [immigration enforcement] officers are not going to follow by this memo."

But many Democrats and Hispanic leaders say the Obama administration's immigration policies — especially the deportation of a record 1.1 million people in three years — has alienated Latinos, and they can't be taken for granted.

And they argue that Obama can't afford slippage of Latino support given his weakened support among some white voters.

Some polls have found that Latinos' support for Obama has softened significantly and that their enthusiasm for this election is weak. And the number of Hispanic registered voters has declined 5 percent since 2008, to about 11 million.


it is a nice step, but lacks real susbstence. if he really cared, he would do more for all immigrants that have committed the misdemeanor of being here without papers, but are otherwise law abiding, good americans.


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It's time to do some "McCarthy" type investigating and root out the socialists who have acted against the Constitution.