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Missing PR card from USCIS

Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by alien-to-pr, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. alien-to-pr

    alien-to-pr New Member

    Myself and spouse got our 485 approved in oct 2010. We opened a SR at local USCIS office on the CPO. Last week my wife got her physical card wheras I got a letter from USCIS saying that my card was mailed to me and it might have been lost in mail and I need to file I-90 but the date mentioned is the same as the date my I485 approval notice was mailed so I sensed some mix up and called customer service. After talking to several customer reps, IO's who suggested filing form I-90. Finally I got to a nice 2nd level IO lady who looked into my case and said that my card was never created and she will put in a SR.

    Is anyone else in the same boat ?

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