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Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by ramg, May 25, 2003.

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    We are landing to Canada along with my family (My self, Wife & Child) on 9th June 2003. I don’t have any friends / Relatives in Canada.

    One way we are Exciting and other way we are tensed because no one is there to help us even to guide us for SIN, Health Card and opening of Bank account etc.

    We are planning a short visit of 2 weeks to complete the formalities and go back to India. Planning to move completely in 2004.

    In fact right now we don't have any address to declare at the time of landing (Hope to the same address our PR Cards will be mailed). So all these things bringing down our confidence level.

    I will be grateful to you guys, if any broadminded people / families wish to extend their help in guiding us to complete the formalities like applying SIN, Health Card and opening of Bank Account etc,

    Soft hearted people can send their contact information to our email address
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    Thank you. That's a helpful website. Anything similar in Vancouver ?

    Also, before I write to them, do you know if they provide a mailing address for receiving the PR card ? Please help.

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