Life Without Interim Ead

Should USCIS reconsider the new NO interim rule?

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Keep an eye on your LUD

Check for LUD tomorrow or after tomorrow. if there is one, it's a good news
Thanks for the update and good luck:)


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What is the latest rule/situation with regards to interim EAD? Does USCIS accept applications for interim EAD through infopass now (September 2007)?


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I remember last year it took me 4 months ......
am thinking of applying in october this year.....EADS expires March


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hello guys in april 2007 i got a letter for my i485 interview and after 2 weeks i got another letter saying that my interview was canceled becoz of a name check last week i got another letter for another interview for next month but today i checked my portfolio and i think tey were working on my case today what is that mean is my namee check cleared or are they going to cancel my interview again please help


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and by the way my ead is going to expire in january and i got a very good job i dont wanna loose it what can i do


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Original Laywer changed for EAD

I've filed AC21 after 180 days for I-485 thru a new lawyer.
Can I use the old laywer for the my I-765 renewal OR do I 've to use the same lawyer? My old employer has already paid for all the EAD renewal.


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I filed a I485 with my I765, the notice date for them both is 9-13-07, I got the Appointment Notice on 10-2-07, and its scheduled for 10-30-07. My question is after the appointment how much longer will I be waiting until i get my ead?

Also if any one is filing in houston texas, do not hire the attorneys lam, lyn, robinson & phillip, death is much easier to deal with. They are incompetent in every possible way.

But just in case you did hire them, this is the experience you WILL go through..

not being notified about NOAs, so appointments will be missed.
not having calls returned EVER.
when you do get them, expect them to be yelling, telling you to stop calling, then hanging up.
expect them to change their address, without notifying you or uscis.
expect them to get some info wrong on your application, like birth place, and birthrate.
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help me

my attorney got an I765 approval notice on 25th of september and told me that i will get my ead card (this will be my first EAD card) within 2-4 weeks till the time i have not get anything from them. i have registered myself online too . that shows me LUD on I765 was9/28/07 and approval notice.
i am supposed to start my work orientation on 7th employer is waiting for me like crazy... actually i am RN and will work for this hospital.. i have that approval notice in my hands but not the EAD card...... because today is my 117 day since my I-765 application was recieved by i fixed an appiontment(10/29/07) by you think that will be helpfull as i will be left with only 1 week interval between this appointment and my work orientation date. plz plz plz help me wut do i need to do....

Thanks Hossamny. The memo was very useful for those like me to whom the information was not given properly by USCIS customer service officials as to why the issuance of interim EADs was stopped by Local Offices(in fact they didn't know that the local offices stopped issuing Interim EADs).
My EAD expired on 01/04/2007.
I e-filed EAD extension on 10/04/006 with NBC. Had Biometrics (code 2) done in Detroit on 10/21/2006. LUD is 10/10/2006 with following information.

Current Status: Case received and pending.

On October 4, 2006, we received this I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our MISSOURI SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.
Upon inquiring the status, an Immigration official asked me to write a letter to NBC requesting them to expedite my case which I did on 01/04/2007 enclosing a copy of I-765 receipt notice and copy of I-485 receipt notice. Not sure how useful that would be.
While waiting for the approval of EAD extension, is it OK to work as it is past 90 days since the extension has been filed? An Immigration Lawyer actually said that it is OK to work if the extension has been filed before expiration of the old EAD. I am confused.


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Lawyer do help?

How many of have had their case resolved through a lawyer and how many without one? from what I see, too many people complain about BAD alwyers experince but not too many are happy with their result. I don't want to assume that lawyers are useless in ALL cases before I hear the other side of the story. Please feel free to share your good/bad experince. Please don't mention any names when telling us your case.
Good luck to you all:)


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RFE on EAD and Changing jobs - Please Adivice

Friends, Experts,

Need your help and advice regarding the following situation with a friend of mine with his EAD renewal.

- Filed for EAD renewal last month just in time so that he still has 120 days remaining on the current EAD.
- Received an RFE on the EAD to provide the Biometrics again, which was duly provided.
- Received another RFE just a few days back with the same request to provide the Biometrics again. This time a advisory note recommending to "keep the employer status current".
- The 140 is clear and its been past 180 days since the 485 was filed.
- Got a offer from another company and scheduled to join in the next 10 days.

Now you see the problems? The following things need to be clarified.

1. Is it safe to change the job at this time. The AC21 rule clearly allows him to do that.

2. What does the recommendation note mean in the RFE? Does it mean to keep your current employer (i.e. don't change employer) or does it mean keep yourself employed in a company consistent with the profile in the GC application.

3. How does he get an interim EAD in case the new EAD does not arrive before the current one expires.

4. He needs to relocate to a new city with the new job, can he change the location where he can give his biometrics to fulfill this RFE? Does he need to go at the same date to the same place as specified in the communication from the INS about the Biometrics appointment, or can he just show up one day (before the appointment date) at a different location and get the biometrics done?

Experts please give your opinion and advice. I have answers for these questions myself but my information is outdated by more than a year.