Life in the UK test how hard is it?


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How hard is the life in the UK test? Is it mandatory to pass this test to become a British citizen.

I am from Pakistan and want to settle in UK. I have taken few tests from online websites like and studied the 3rd edition book.

What i need to do to pass the test. Any help please..........
It's pretty easy, most people tend to pass first time. The ones who fail tend to be bad at English.

All questions come from the 3rd Edition handbook, so if you read that, you will have no problem passing the test. You can buy it on amazon.

You can read the reviews and comments about life in the UK test at under the test.

Also please answer my thread questions if you can, noone seems to answer...
I have been looking myself as well these days and found most of the information relating to how to apply for the British Citizenship test on the official site of the home office and a good source of tests in There is plenty of information online.
You should pass it fine - two things read the questions carefully and second practice, practice, practice - for example go to and do all 30 tests again and again until you can get 20/24+ each time. If you can do this you will easily pass.
The following website "Life in the UK" is a great resource for people looking to move to the UK and get accustomed to the life there. I strongly recommend it. I am unable to post the link as yet. But will do when I get the chance.
Hey guys,

I am looking into moving to the UK soon and I found the page much better to use with the layout etc than the other site. Having said that, I only got 14 out of 24 :( . Has anyone else tried the website?
Hi, It wasn't too difficult but I am not sure how relevant to living today in the UK some of the questions are. Good luck though!
Searching on youtube will give you a good idea - I've seen some good videos where they have recreated it with the examiner and student!