Lets do something about I140 processing!!


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Guys..I have started a petition on IMMIGRATIONVOICE.ORG..for the following : Please read and do the needful..it takes ONLY 2 minutes..

This is NOT only for I140..its to generate HEAT on USCIS and the way they process cases...please do the right thing...

1) A yahoo group has been created - its called : ImmigrationPetition - please request to join that group.
2) An email id Immigrationpetition@yahoo.com has been created anyone signing the petition - can email your details there :
3) If anybody needs access to the group or this email ID - send me a PM - I will gladly share the password(s) (However, I will confirm with someone in IV with regard to your Identity, if I cannot confirm this, I will call you..and talk with you - please be responsible in usage)
4) The following information is needed from each signatory :

a) Name and Address (If you don't want to give complete address - atleast put, state and Zip)
b) Greencard filing date and I140 filing date
c) Please include one entry for each applicant (One for wife, One for yourself and One for each dependent child - Even if Child is Citizen - because the child is also a beneficiary indirectly)
d) Give atleast 2-3 lines about HOW - NOT having the greencard is affecting you and your family..don't write your story here..just 2-3 lines is good...don't try to be too creative..just be simple and true

I am sure many are thinking it will not be helpful..but after this is sent, we give the senators about 1 week and we will talk about a designated date, where we start calling each office - referring to this petition and mentioning our respective names within and asking for when an update would be available..lets JUST TRY TO GENERATE HEAT..THATS ALL...USCIS will WORK WHEN PEOPLE FOCUS ON THEM...THEY ARE V GOOD AT AVOIDING THIS>..WE WILL DO JUST THAT..LETS SEE...

LASTLY..INFORM EVERYBODY TO WRITE..by end of next week, Ideally May 5'th - I would like to print this and mail it out..

I will keep updating the status of how many people replied every now and then...COME'n GUYS...LETS DO ITTTTTTTTTT


(Latest Text enclosed below ) :


Dear Members of Congress:

This is a final plea of despair from the legal immigrant community with regard to the methodology of USCIS in processing cases.

Although there are too many to list, we urge you to consider the following few glaring issues - a few examples :

1) USCIS accepted more than 3.5 million applications in June/July/August - Thanks to Congresswoman Lofgren and others who helped this community, however it seems that the processing for applications have almost stopped to a crawl. A non-premium Immigration Petition at the I140 stage was taking an average of - between 1-2 months to complete processing.
Therefore, even if the amount of applications more than doubled - the wait times have now increased to over 9+ months without even knowing when their I140 processing will complete. This results in people unable to use the provisions under the AC-21 law and explore opportunities that were practically closed to them until this juncture.

2) Processing times published by USCIS are extremely questionable, for example - in March 2007 - the Texas service center was showing that they were processing applications received in AUGUST 2007, whereas people who have filed for the I140 from June 2007 - July 2007 are still waiting for their I140 Immigrant petition processing to even commence. These are people
who may have a current visa number available - but for the I140 approval. This will result in more wastage of the visa numbers yet again. Now, the visa bulletin for May 2008 shows that the processing dates for Texas service center have now moved back to JULY 2007. There is absolutely no methodology for the I140 being processed in this way, since there is no need for a visa number to be available for I140 processing.

3) Cases are being indiscriminately transferred across service centers without any reason. Even though Texas service center showed current I140 processing cutoff dates as August 2007 they did not really complete every case until August 2007. There are many people (in the hundred thousands) who are awaiting even a tiny update on their cases. Everybody is being misled to believe that processing really has reached August 2007, whereas it is not. They are not providing accurate information about the plight of all these people. In view of all these it seems cases from Nebraska have been transferred to Texas resulting in the dates moving back. Even the new dates are completely misleading and do not cover all the cases upto the period specified.

4) Original Priority dates in processing I140 not being honored : The processing order is extremely random, whereas applications from June/July/August are still awaiting adjudication, applications received in November 2007, December 2007 are being processed out of order. Also, the original filing date - priority date is not being enforced, hence people - by virtue of having a visa number available due to an older priority date are in the lurch and unable to receive their adjustment of status because of this mis-ordered processing.

5) Processing of applications filed as late as Feb08 have reported approvals whereas severely retrogressed country filers are waiting for over 5+ years

6) Even though it was announced about 6 months ago - that the USCIS has completed all initial receipting and its formalities, there are more than 40% of applicants still awaiting to be fingerprinted. Again, these are applicants who - by virtue of having an older priority date are currently eligible to be assigned a visa number should they complete their fingerprinting and I140.

7) Premium processing of the Immigrant petition (I140 Stage) was suspended in 2007 June. It is understandable that USCIS would not be able to provide this service to so many applicants at once, However, USCIS should – by now – have the capability to determine “How many applications it can complete within 15 days” – AND – determine an eligibility criteria (Based on Original Immigrant petition filing date) and at-least give an opportunity for people with older priority dates who would have an immigrant visa available – but are still waiting to file adjustment of status, because their I140 petition has not been processed. (Again, this is another way to avoid visa number wastage). They can even do this based on the cutoff dates they publish, the easiest thing to do would probably make premium processing available to everybody within those published dates. OR – To help the immigrant community, they can come up with a lottery system to pick applications that would be eligible for premium processing and once they are completed, the next batch would be eligible. Either of these should be very easy to implement.

It has been noticed that as of last year, this agency was capable of processing applications at a much faster pace than is currently being noticed, there is an urgent need and expectation for - more than - if not the same momentum that was noticed last year.

We have only being assured that things are going to happen, but by and large they just remain empty promises with just "Paper" results to the mass of applications. We urge you to demand true transparency from the USCIS which should also be subject to audit from the AILA - AND/OR - - Audit by General Accounting Office (GAO).

We hope this matter will be taken up at the earliest and will ensure results and much awaited relief to the Legal immigrant community.