LCA - Multiple work locations


We are a small company with a home-based office (head office), and our employees are expected to work at the client's location mostly. for our H1B employee, here is the breakdown that we are anticipating

50% from clients' location
30% from our head office
20% remote - Employee's home

I have 2 question

1) In the LCA, we have called out
. intended employment start date = Aug 1 2020
. intended employment end date = July 1 2023

2) in section F) placement of employment information:
. we have identified clients' organization Name and location
. as well our head office location.

Please advise if it makes sense

thanks in advance


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Intended employment start date has to be 10/01.
Yes, placement of employment should have client's name, address. Secondary location can be head office & 3rd location employee home address
When you file I-129, make sure you have MSA/PO for all H1B duration until its end date