Laid off on H1B - Options?

I was working on H1B and I was unfortunately laid off second week of June. I found an employer who was ready to transfer my H1B visa. They also filed for my LCA and I received it on Jun 21st. My H1B petition and extension of stay forms was sent out soon after.

But my H1B status with my previous employer has changed to initial review since Jun 23rd (received a mail from USCIS). I believe this means, my previous employer had notified USCIS, immediately upon termination and I might be out of status now.

I'm still waiting for my new EAC# under the new employer (I don't think they filed under premium processing) Is it safe for me to stay in the country (i.e to wait till I receive any status from USCIS) or should I be leaving immediately? What are my options.