L1B Visa to H1B Visa


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Current L1B Visa Status (Existing Employer):
I am currently working on an L1B visa, with the most recent I-94 indicating “Class of Admission: L1B” and an “Admit Until Date” of May 2025
- Due to the sudden project ramp-down, my last working day from USA office will be end of June 2024. From July 1st, my existing employer expecting me to travel back to India and work from India work location.

H1B Process (New Employer):
My H1B application was selected in the current FY 2025 H1B lottery with new employer.
The petition filing is in progress with premium processing, with an expected result in the mid of June.
The H1B visa status start date is set for October 1, 2024, in accordance with the rules.

*What are the possible ways to stay legally in the US till October 1, 2024. ? I heard options of move to Student visa or Visitor visa, will it be legal ? *
Valid L1B visa holder, Can voluntary Resign from existing employer and get 60 days grace period to stay in USA ?
If yes along with 60 days grace period, out of country visit time period during stay in USA can be consider to stay more days legally in USA.
Your employer can file h1b petition with consular processing. Key part is there should be bona fide h-1b job available for you to start at some future date though.
Thanks for the suggestion. Right now, I am exploring option to stay in USA only. For that important question, will I get 60 days of grace period if I will resign from existing employer. And meanwhile, I can plan to file change of status.