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Hello, I applied for K1 Fiance visa for my Fiance who lives in Nepal.
This morning I have received an email from US Immigration informing that
her application has been in received in Kathmandu by US Emabssy and her
interview date is scheduled for OCT 30th, 2015. (just 29 days away)

Unfortunately that date of interview is too close and I would like to reschedule the interview date.
Who may I contact for this request ? and is it even possible to push back the date to early December instead of October 30th ?

My reasons for wanting to change the date is :

1) Right now there is economic crisis and blockade in Nepal. All transportation, border crossings and all economic relations with India are on hold. Hardly any cars are on the road, life has almost come to stand still due to outage of Petrol, Cooking gas etc etc. All trucks and transport vehicles carrying goods from India are NOT going into Nepal due to some economic disagreement between India & Nepal. It has now been over a week now. We do not know when/if this situation will change.

2) There is a cultural 10 day festival in Nepal (Dashain) 13th Oct - 23rd Oct during which a lot of offices, businesses and transportation is closed. Almost like a national holiday for 10 days. Its kinda like Nepal's Christmas.

3) My Fiance is not in Kathmandu because she lives in the Eastern part of Nepal in Ilam district. For her to get all the documents, police clearance and travel to Kathmandu and get her medical process done may not be possible in that time frame.

4) If her interview is in early December, I can travel to Kathmandu and be there with her for her interview.

If anyone could kindly help or advice I will be highly grateful.

Thank you ....
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