Just arrived? Welcome! Learn the tips and tricks every American knows!

Discussion in 'Just Arrived in USA - Help Each Other' started by littleadv, Dec 26, 2010.

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  1. littleadv

    littleadv Registered Users (C)

    Since I arrived to the US a couple of years ago on H1B, I learned a lot of small tricks that every American knows and uses. These little things can save you a lot of money. So come and read about that in my blog (see the link in the signature, littleadvisor.com).

    Also, I invite you to share and comment additional tips and suggestions, you can also send me things you think I should mention in a message, email or using the "Contact" form on the blog.

    Waiting to see your comments!
  2. jujun22

    jujun22 Registered Users (C)

    That was some pretty useful information.
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