January 2018 Visa Bulletin

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    You probably won't know more by April - and given your number is so high, you are right to wait. You could wait until May or even June to file (for CP). I suggest you do that. Some have even filed as late as early August and been interviewed - so you could wait until the VB is published in July for the final numbers although that is a high risk approach in an oversubscribed year.
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    Are you entering on the same visa that you currently have? If so, 90d rule doesn't apply to you. Literally the same problem popped up few hours ago in AOS thread:
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    Interesting, but still I'm a little hesitant. It seems like both the USCIS and the DOS have begun nitpicking every detail, and I'm worried that they might consider reentry as entry, since the wording of the FAM doesn't preclude that.
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    Hello Simon,

    My EU # is at 25***.. Do you think that my number might be current in 2 month? I know it is not for sure and you only give predictions based on previous years and of course anything can change at anytime, but what would you think of my EU 25*** number?

    I would really appreciate your thoughts :)

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    This was written a couple of months ago, but the illustration is proving to be accurate and helps you to understand.

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    According tho Britsimon Blog this is the info you are looking for.

    So – If I had to predict EU monthly increases, I would expect the VB to increase by about 2500 for January, 2500 for February, and 2500 for March and April. That is VERY rough guess – it could be more or less. However, if that is what happens, that means that we would be at about 16000 for April interviews, and then the lower density will kick in. From that pointy onwards we will see monthly increases of around 5000 per month. Theoretically that pace could get to CN41000 by September, although the question then becomes, “how big is the bucket”. In my earlier post I suggested EU CNs under 37XXX were safe – and if you follow my logic we could reach that number by August.

    This info has been useful to me & I'm sure it will be for other Europeans in the same situations
    Thanks Britsimon!
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    SA not expected to increase that much....buuuu.....we have num 10xx better not to make any ideas!!... Thanks @Britsimon for ur explanations!!! :)
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    Thank you very much.

    So if this will go as we all hoping to be, then my number is 25*** and might be Current in APRIL, MAY or August, means that I need to start preparing all my documents in FEB to be safe? I only got 2 NL from KCC because I sent DS260 but never started on my AOS Package

    Thanks in advance
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    Hello everyone,
    Who knows why visa bulletin of February is not online?
    Thanx for ur answer
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    MLK day - federal holiday
  12. Usa.dream

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    Thank you very much

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