J2 Dependent Application: What are the chances?

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  1. shokhrukh

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    Hi. So far I've been fortunate enough to get admitted to a Ph.D. and obtain my J1 visa. However, I got married two weeks ago, which is just a week before I left for the US. (just in case, I got my MA in the US a year ago).

    My wife is planning on apllying for a J2 dependent visa in October. Can someone, please, tell me what her chances are considering that?:

    1) She is not applying at the same time as the primary applicant.

    2) We'd been officially married only a few days before I left (although we had been seeing each other for more than a year).

    3) The only proof of my good academic standing I will be able to provide will hopefully be a letter from my advisor that I am enrolled fulltime and showing good progress based on midterms.

    Many thanks,
  2. drmathews

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    regarding your j2 dependent!!

    As long as you show that your wife is not going to spend her money for your expense they will usually grant j2 EAD. So make sure you get your expenses tallied and show that you have adequate money to cover for it. Then it shouldnt be a problem/
  3. shokhrukh

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    Thanks a lot, drmathews. But my question actually was about VISA application at the Embassy, not about the EAD application. I'd appreciate, If you could tell how difficult it is going to be to get a J2 visa at the US Consulate given the above mentioned circumstances.

    Thanks again.
  4. raj121b

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    J2 should not be a problem. Make sure your name is mentioned in her passport in the spouse area. On top of that, she should carry wedding pics, wedding invitation card, etc to the consulate. I don't know which country/religion you are from but whatever that may be, it helps to appear in the same manner of a married woman from that community. And of course take care of all the rest of the stuff the visa application and interview may require. The consulate websites should mention this.
  5. alejandradc511

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    has your wife applied already for the j-2 visa on your consulate??

    well i just want to say, i just processed mine last november, i was pretty scared if they were gonna ask for anything else the day of my interview. thankfully and for my surprise it was completly the opposite, they saw me, asked me only how much time i was married, only skimmed my marriage certificate and it was approved. the funny thing is i spent much more time preparing my application didnt want to make a mistake, the didnt even asked for the DS-158.

    My only suggestion in case you guys are still separate and she hasnt applied is that she takes a many proofs of your relationship along with her to the interview, just because on your case you got married weeks before you entered us, so surely they will suspect that maybe you are making a deal just for her to come to us...thats what they see.

    Wish you the best luck so you can reunite with her soon.

    And other suggestion, if she then plans to work, make her apply as soon as she arrives for her EAD (employment authorization document / I-765 with USCIS) now days its expensive $340, i just did, havent heard from them yet, but i am hoping to be one of the lucky ones who has no trouble for approval and waiting times.
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    My wife applied for her J-2 two days after our wedding. I already had my J-1 visa a couple of months before our wedding. All the consulate saw was our marriage certificate and, of course, the DS-2019 for her from my institution. No problems.
  7. balumnair

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    Friend, it wont be a problem at all if you have the right document. I dont think a letter from your professor will do the job. You need the right documents such as DS-2019 if she has to get a j2 visa. You need to talk to the visa officer or internation student office in your university for this.
    And it depends on which country you are applying from. I came from Canada on a J2 visa and they didnt ask me anything. Because I carried the right document and everything was self explanatory. So get the right document ready (such as DS 2019, marriage certificate, pics of your wedding is good to carry with, and your funding statement to show proof of support). And no need to panic.
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  8. jamaicaray

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    Hello can anyone give me some insite. I'll be going to an interview soon for an j2 visa. My wife is in the USA for 4 months now on the j1 pro. we got married 3 months b4 she left. what are some of the main questions I should look for from the consul at the interview? And I'm I to worry much about getting the visa?

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