J1 waiver, using AP


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I'm finishing my 3rd year J1 waiver in July 2010, applied for GC through both
NIW (I-140 and I-485 filed concurrently in July 2007 and already got EAD, AP in last month) and
PERM (Labor done, I-140 filed in last month) processes.

My question is :

I'm from India and wanted to visit India after I finished my waiver in July 2010.

H1B extension is due in July 2010.

Can I use Advanced Parole when I come back ? If I use AP, can I still continue on H1B ?

Or to be on safe side, go for H1B extension and get visa stamped and use for the next 3 years ?

Gurus, please suggest.

Thanks in advance


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I have no answer to your question. But I am in the process of applying for J1 waiver job in Child Psychiatry
Any suggestions on how to go ahead finding jobs would be greatly appreciated.



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Yes, you can use AP. I started using AP from my 1st year of waiver while visiting India, am in the same situation as you, am still on H1B, never used EAD, ending J1waiver in 3 months...


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Hi raj121b,

Thanks for your reply.

How did you get AP and EAD ? through NIW or PERM process ?



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I am from India. I am applying for J-1 waiver.I was thinking about NIW but I was told since I am from India and with Priority Dates so backlogged, that even though I apply for NIW my spouse or I won't get EAD or AP till 5 years unlike being from Pakistan or Nepal where there is no retrogression. I was wondering how did you get EAD/AP so soon that too within a year. Because if I can get it for my wife EAD/AP it would make our lives much easier as she could do her residency on EAD.


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I got EAD/AP through Physician Underserved Area NIW. In fact this NIW is the only condition in which you can apply I-485 during the 3 year waiver period. You cannot send in 485 based on any other application. I was born in a non-retrogressed country and therefore I could send in the 485/131/765 applications.


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IM/FP J1 waiver opportunity in Phoenix ,AZ in a large federally qualified comminity health center.The last date for state health deparment to accept application is November 30,2010.
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