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Discussion in 'Physicians' started by drjavi, Nov 29, 2007.

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    IM/FP J1 waiver opportunity in Phoenix ,AZ in a large federally qualified comminity health center.The last date for state health deparment to accept application is November 30,2010.

    Contact: dsingh@mphc-az.com
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    Is it possible for me to quit the position and transfer to a new practice eligible for a J1 waiver practice. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.
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    cant but agree with you;)
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    Yeah you are right i appreciate your thought.............
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    Yes it is possible, but line up the transfer position first. You don't want to find yourself out of status if you quit your current position without one lined up. h1j1physicians.com has lots of good information on J-1 Waivers.
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    Question about lawyer

    Hi cerruti,

    Thanks for your helpful post. Could you please give/IM the name of the 4th lawyer you went with..I tried the first one you mentions (R) and had a very negative experience. Desparately Need a good lawyer now. Well really precise your response.


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    Hi, Could you please send me the name of the 4th lawyer who successfully helped you with your case. Thank you
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    I am in similar situation.
    Can anyone recommend a good lawyer in NY?
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    Hello Every one ,

    I need your input on my situation . I am currently doing a j1 waiver job and I just started the job 2 months back . My current employer got approval from USCIS saying that I will be working at my current location which is location A but now he is asking me to see patients from a different location B via Tele video . I actually trained in child psychiatry and I signed up to do Inpatient child psychiatry job at the current location A but now he is insisting that I start seeing patients from some rural part of the state as he is getting a Tele psych contract and he is in the process of applying to USCIS for getting an approval for that site also so that he can force me to see patients from that site only and he is saying that I will no longer be allowed to see child psych patients at the current facility . My contract says that the i am actually approved to work is Location A .

    Can an employer move an Employee from Location A to Location B by applying to USCIS for approval without employees sign and agreement ?

    My current employer is also threatening to fire me if don't agree to move my primary job from location A to B. Can he do that and if he fires me how much time will we get before we can find a new job and will j1 physician be out of status once his employer fire him .

    Please provide some insight .
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    Sadly I have been in pretty similar situation for A while. Few things I have learned in the process:

    1) for USCIS, the approved site is the one that is written in you LCA as part of H1 petition

    So, check what site is mentioned on ur LCA

    2) If your employer wants you to work at a different site now, he needs to amend your LCA + H1 petition

    basically, if you work at a non-approved site, you are the one who can be later penalized

    So, if working at site B is ok with u, u should ask your employer to do the paperwork for your H1 amendment

    Remember, he can't force u to work at site B, as you need to be fine with the h1 amendment

    3) Now, if your employer not can force you..,they can certainly threaten you

    So you can do few things if you are sure that working at site B is not suitable for u for next 3 years

    -- as per Simio landmark court case, your work at site B can be covered as a "short term placement" for up to 60-90 days

    So you can tell ur employer u need some time to try our things with site B to see how u like it. And, that if its ok....you are fine to file for h1 amendment in next 1-2 months

    This will buy u time to look for another job

    Do not resign before having next job lined up!! This is most important thing

    -- get a good labor lawyer to get ur current contract reviewed. So u know whether u will have to pay back some signing bonus or something when u leave. It's worth the $$ to get good lawyer advice

    Also, u can do 1-2 hour phone consultations with some good immigration lawyers as well along the side. They charge u anywhere from $100-300/hour, but they are able to individually review your circumstances to guide u how strong ur case is for extenuating circumstances j1 waiver transfer

    Good luck!
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    thank you

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