J-1 waiver USCIS timelines 2016

Hi, it seems that some of us here are waiting to receive approval on their I-612 from the USCIS. My case is based on 'no objection' and it may be helpful if we post our timelines here. Mine is below.

I received my receipt notice in early January (dated Jan. 4th, hardcopy received Jan. 7th). Complete silence since then...

  • 11/2014: J-1 waiver advisory opinion sought from DOS
  • 12/2014: Married USC spouse in 12/2014 , so need J-1 waiver for family-based green card
  • 05/2015: DOS notice 'subject to two year home country residency'
  • 05/2015: No objection statement sought from home country
  • 09/2015: No objection statement 1 sent to DOS from country of citizenship (India)
  • 10/2015: No objection statement 2 sent to DOS from country of last residence (Switzerland)
  • 12/21/2015: Contacted local senator and congressman's office for expedited DOS processing
  • 12/22/2015: Congressman's office sent a letter to DOS to expedite processing (Senator's office did not respond)
  • 12/24/2015: J-1 waiver DOS favorable recommendation softcopy forwarded by Congressman's office
  • 12/24/2015: J-1 waiver online status updated to 'favorable recommendation'
  • 01/02/2016: J-1 waiver favorable recommendation hardcopy from DOS dated 12/23
  • 01/07/2016: J-1 waiver USCIS receipt received in the mail dated 01/04
  • ? : J-1 waiver approval by USCIS
Any luck? Did you travel while waiting for the final waiver? I am wondering if I can go home to renew my visa before I get my waiver.
Good afternoon,

I'm Brazilian and I went to the U.S. in August 2013 and moved back to Brazil in December 2013. I participated in the Brazilian Government`s program called 'Science without Borders' (Ciência sem Fronteiras). I started my J-1 Waiver process as soon as I got in Brazil (January 2015) but CAPES (the Brazilian Government sponsor) just gave me the No Objection letter in July 2016. So, I would like to share with you guys my current timeline and I would like to ask those who already got their final Waiver letter some questions:

  • How was the Favorable Recomendation sent to your address? Did they use the self addressed envelope? Did you guys got it while in the USA or in your home country?
  • How was the USCIS receipt received? Self addressed envelope or just a common post office letter?
  • How was the final Waiver lettter received? Self addressed envelope?
  • How long did it take since the Favorable Recommendation letter until the final Waiver Letter?
Here is my current Timeline:

Department of State Advisory Opinion Finding: Favorable Recommendation
Item Action Date

  • Recommendation Sent July, 28 2016
  • No Objection Statement Received July, 08 2016
  • Fee Received January, 20 2015
  • Form DS-3035 Received January, 20 2015
  • Form DS-2019 Received January, 20 2015
  • Passport Data Page Received January, 20 2015
  • Statement Of Reason Received January, 20 2015
  • Other Received January, 20 2015
Good night,

I'm so frustrated with USCIS Customer Representatives. Every time I call USCIS trying to get the Receipt Number for my process they have no idea of what I'm talking about. I tell them I filed the DS-3035 and the only thing they say is: "This isn't a USCIS form. You need to contact the Department of State".

I explain to them that the process starts in the Department of State but I already got my Favorable Recommendation and it says the case was forward to the USCIS and that I need to contact USCIS to know about my case. It looks like they don't know about the No Objection process. They always ask me if I filed the I-612. Looking online in the I-612 form webpage it is clear that I don't need to file it if I'm applying for a No Objection Waiver.

I don't think I'm getting my Receipt Notification by post mail because I just sent ONE self-addressed envelope and the address on the envelope doesn't match the address of my DS-3035.

Can someone advice me what to do now?

So guys, I got good news.
Eventually I realized that USCIS deal just with I-xxx forms and I realized that once the Department of State sends the Favorable Recommendation to UCSIS an I-612 form is assigned to it. So, if you call USCIS to know about your process just tell them that you filed the I-612 to get your receipt number. I told the Customer Representative that I've filed the I-612, my Full Name, my Date of Birth and my address and he found my receipt number.
As I was expecting I accessed USCIS Case Status webpage and it says they got my case on August 1st and they mailed me a notice.
I never got the notice because my Brazilian address was defined as my mailing address. Maybe the notice is still coming. Anyway, I changed the mailing address to an American address then the final waiver document is going to be received faster. Now I'm waiting for the final decision.


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Hi guys,

Has anybody had filed a J1 waiver based on persecution? What exactly do they look for for granting a waiver for people in a situation where they will be persecuted? Any experiences? BTW, this is a waiver for US State Department-funded exchange program.

Thanks in advance.