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issue with multiple words in given name

Discussion in 'Just Arrived in USA - Help Each Other' started by manthena, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. manthena

    manthena New Member


    I'm just arrived from India and working on L-1. I have issues with multiple words in my name.

    My pass port has given name as : aaa bbb ccc
    Last name : ddd

    My social security card has first name as : aaabbb
    Middle name as : ccc
    Last name as : ddd

    My employer has my first name as : aaa bbb ccc
    Last name as: ddd
    Middle name is not taken.

    I have started facing issues with credit checks with credit reporting agencies. The credit report I have got following a credit check failure has a special message "SSN not issued by Social Security Administration". I spoke to SSA and they said my first name should be used as "aaabbb"

    Please suggest about the general practice that I should follow for all immigration related. I can think of 2 options

    1. Have my name changed in SSN : first name as "aaa bbb ccc". I'm not sure if their computer systems accept multiple words in the first name.

    2. Have my name changed : first name "aaa" middlename "bbb ccc" in all the records including SSN and my employer. My bank accounts, utility accounts have this format currently.

    Please advise which one should I take. Thanks a lot in advance.

    If my passport has given name with 3 words, should I carry all the words in first name for social security / immigration. Please help.


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