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no problem, she just want to make sure you been living here for time that u stated, if u have send bank statement and it has something every month on it for that period, it is a good proof. nothing to worry. it may take a little bit extra time but nothing to worry.


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One serious problem or not, the room I subleased and the address which is with the USCIS will have two application in the same address.
One of the relative of the person who leased the apartment also filed I589 by using the address but lives in a different state and she will be coming here to just give the interview or something which I have no idea. The owner was saying that he got the letter for fingerprint. So, I was wondering will it jeopardy my application? Any chances that the officer might ask me question about her as from the application, it will look like we both are living under one roof.

Its really stressing me out.

I am guessing that you rent your room from the owner that came from the same country as you, is this correct?
because usually foreigner have their own network between them (cause all came from same country).
If that is true than the reason for asylum between you and that person will be similar...
as long as the detailed reasoning on your application is NOT the EXACT COPY of his/her, then you should be fine.
so the best thing to do is don't tell the other applicant about the detail / proof of your asylum application,
this way he/she will have their own explanation and it will not be the same copy as yours...
otherwise the officer might be suspicious.
No need to mention this to the asylum officer, unless you were asked.
if you were asked, then explain calmly and in detail,
and point out that you were applying FIRST before that person.
Good Luck


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Can someone help me here? I had been waiting for decision for last 3 weeks but last wednesday, I got a call from officer saying they needed to interview me again after 2 weeks to follow up some thing. I am really depressed right now.This would be third time, I will be giving my interview. Any idea what's going on or what's gonna happen?

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3rd interview???

What did the officer asked you in your second interview? That will be a hint on why a third one? But dont be nervous and just stick on your situation. Everything will be okay. They probably are making sure that you are the eligible one. There is no need to worry!
God bless!