Interesting stuff with name check issue (Congressperson Vs. Senator)


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As some of you already know that my congresswoman made an inquiry
to FBI for expediting name check on August 4th 2005 and FBI cleared
my name check on 10th of August 2005. I know this based on email
responses that my congresswoman's office fwded me which she received
from FBI.

Soon after I had also contacted office of Senator Barbara Boxer for
similar help. There office took about 4 weeks to enter the request in
their system and make inquiry. AFAIK, they made inquiry after
2nd of September (the labor day weekend).

I never heard back from them, but since I had learned that
my name check was already cleared from my congresswoman,
I wasn't bothered.

Today (21st Sept 2005), I received letter from Senator Barbara Boxer's
office. According to the reply my FBI name check is in pending status
and they can't give me time lines for completion.

Ok ... interesting ! Don't know what to believe. Since I already have
my 485 approval, I am not going to pursue this. But thought of letting
you all know


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When you asked the congresswomen's office to help expediting name check, did you use anything besides your inquiry letter, such as FOIPA response letter?? Thanks


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Hello Outletvolt1
After you you made an inquiry with your congressman , did you see any LUD on your 485 ? I made an inquiry with my congressman and I see an LUD on 485 without message change and I am not sure is this related to that or not?


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Hi Guys,

Could you pl. tell me how did you contact your congressman? Did you call his office or sent him an email.

Would you appreciate if you could send the mail format as well..



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We applied for I-485 in oct. 2002. My wife, myself and my daughter received the approval in Aug. 2004 BUT NOT my son due to the name check. Today we receive a letter from CIS for doing my son's biometics (code 3) on Octomber after the long wait. Can somebody help to on the following:

1. Does this mean the Name Check for my son completed?

2. What the code 3 or 2 means?

3. How long we can get the approval notice after the biometrics?

4. He is asked to have the appointment on middle of Octomber, can we do earlier? as we need his green card for college application.

Thanks a lots.