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I think what hayire tried to say that these kids deserve to be "Americans". I don't think that being born here and live in another country will make you a terrorist. On the other hand, like illegal aliens, if they want to become citizens then they have to work for it. That's what the DREAM act is there's an opportunity and not "just another amnesty".


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I understand what Hayire's saying, but you apparently don't understand what I'm saying. That is, Culture doesn't really come into it under our present laws and attitudes. If you're born here, but raised abroad in a different culture and never set foot here, you're still "American". Hayire's basing her argument on the idea that because the kids were raised here, they're "American". The two views are contradictory, in my opinion. Also, if the culture one is raised in is so important, then just why is it the parents could give up their cultures to come here, but the kids can't give up life here to return to their homelands? Or, is it really economics that she's talking about?
Hello guyz, i have a couple questions about " The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act " bill introduced by senator Mccain and kennedy.
My questions are," 1-how likely is this bill to pass the senate and the house and be law?
2- how soon could they vote on this bill and if the bill is passed, will it be enacted right away?

my other question is, i havent heard any news about the bill since it's been introduced on may 12th this bad news or does it take a lot of time to get a vote etc etc?

my last question is can this bill be turned into law before the month of june is over or even before december? the reason im asking is because a friend of mine is schedule for a date with an immigration judge and if this bill could be passed in time, he could adjust his status before the december date.
thank you.
Alex, what are you talking about. I mean, I get your point but the DREAM Act is for people who lived here for at least 5 years, or did that just change now?