in need of your assistance

hi my name is maria. I have been following the dream act for 3 years now. i recently graduated high school and was planning to attend high school but unfortunately couldnt because of my status here in the united states. i have resided in fl for 15 years, but am originally from costa rica. I need help in any type of way. i have written to senators and house of representatives regarding my situation. if u have any information please contact me. thank you very much.
well, maria, there's nothing out there that would permit you to change your immigration status,but, with due time, im expecting something to go through cause immingration reform bills are a big priority for this year..Also, one thing u might want to do is , if u have a boyfriend, ask him to marry u and sponsor u for a green card.
Maria, do you have to specify your immigration status on your college application?
Prospects are looking bleak for the Dream Act. Obviously the current congress does not want to pass this much needed legislation. Keep your fingers crossed. Immigration reform may come back on the table soon. Never give up on your dreams. You are fighting against the odds to chase your dreams. That's what America is all about and this country needs people like you.
playdough ---- i do actually have to specify my status, especially here in florida. i have my faith \, and i believe it will go through. ill be praying. i cant give up my dreams, they mean to much to me.i lihe the challenge.thank you so much for your reply
Never give up your dreams. You are not alone in this fight, I will be a senior in high school next year with not much perspective but I don't give up. This might be passed. Let's remember, Republicans rule in the congress and they always look for money, and if they'll see that here, and they should, they'll pass it.
I think that this issue needs some media attention. Without it we are pretty much dead in the water. The only problem is that it can go two ways. Depending on a journalists opinions he/she can help us or put another nail into the coffin. I think and appropriate email to Wolf Blitzer from cnn might help. I'm sure that this topic is way to hot for the press to pass on it. But again it needs to directed in a good way. Good luck to all of you out there, we are strong in numbers. Never give up, even in the darkest of times there's always even a small stream of light.