If you get FP code 3 notice, don't wait, run to your ASC!!

Also did an early code-2 bio-metric (2:30 PM) and just saw the LUD on 485, not sure what caused the LUD - Bio metric (seems quite fast to me considering LUD in 8 hours of Bio-metric) or some thing else ?

Congratulations! Could you share your information with us? 140, 485 AD, PD etc.

kandadude said:
Folks, Elated 'n excited as i'm, still tryin' hard to believe this godsend....

My case was approved today and i just got the 2 emails which i've been waitin for all these days... the online status also shows as approved...

Cliched & trite as it may sound, i really owe it to the folks on this forum for voicing out ideas and strategies for getting unwinded thro' this small plastic card....

special thanx to outlet_volt, lingeron and others who've provided some invaluable tips...

man, am i typing in excitement...can't believe our case went thro' the final day....

i got the mails around 9pm tonight. So just keep checking ur mails....

wish all you guys who're in the wait-train a happy ending very soon....
Congret kandadude,
By the way I too got my long awaited email. So we finally made it.. I will give my detail little later currently busy supervising Quarter End process for my company..
LUD again today 10/01/05

There was an LUD again today on the application of my wife and I. Probably just the biometrics results getting updated. I had an LUD yesterday too, less than 2 hours after I went in for early biometrics.

sunnycal said:
Hello All,

I went in for early biometrics. The staff was really polite and said they were not busy and could accomodate us. Guess its just luck.

I came back and logged into my USCIS account and saw and LUD for 9/30. The message has not changed and still shows that results from the old fingerprints have been received.

I know my application is undergoing name check and my senators office told me that they can't help me.

Anyways, I have done what I could. If I do get hit by the retrogression truck, there is nothing I can really do.

Congrates .......
Please send the details about your story....
Did it happen after biometric test.....
did u send any mail/enquiry/any thing else????
Same here, change in LUD on 30th sep. and today 1st oct. but no change in case status.
sunnycal said:
There was an LUD again today on the application of my wife and I. Probably just the biometrics results getting updated. I had an LUD yesterday too, less than 2 hours after I went in for early biometrics.
same here

Gave biometrics on 09/29 (couldnt check for LUD change on 9/29)
LUD changed on 10/01 ( but NO status change)

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Feel happy for you guys. I had my biometrics (code 2, appt Oct. 20) taken at Sacramento ACS on Sep. 28, 2:45pm. This is the same time for NIW485waiver. I might have met him but without knowing it (my number was 91). My on-line LUD changed twice on Sep. 28 and 29 without content change. I am not as lucky as NIW485waiver. Here is my story:

I140/I485 concurrent, Dec. 23, 2004;
I140 AD, Aug. 30, 2005 (LUD 8/29, 8/30, 8/31, 9/3);
FP, Feb. 1, 2005 (I485 LUD 2/3, 2/4, 3/25, 3/26);
Called CIS on Sep. 14 and was told that my fingerprints were cleared on Feb. 4 and my name check result was returned on Mar. 26, and I should get a decision in 60 days (I485 LUD 9/14, 9/15);
Biometrics code 2, Sep. 28 (appt 10/20, LUD 9/28, 9/29);
Called again yesterday (9/30) and was told that my I485 is pending due to name check; sent an e-mail inquiry but no response;
Last night, I was excited by an e-mail from CIS, but the message was "On September 30, 2005, we responded to your request for more information concerning your case. If you have not ..." (LUD 9/30, 10/1).

I guess I missed the last bus. All I can do now is to pray. Hope some miracles will happen.
whats is diff between CODE-2 and CODE-3?

Can somebobdy please tell me what is the difference between CODE-2 and CODE-3 ?

Yes, we might met, my number was 85.

You can still keep your faith. As one of my post before, CIS might already reserve number for you so you might see the status change in one weeks after the cutoff date.

From your LUD history, seems they did touch your case.

Thank you for your reply. As you said, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed. But I am afraid that my LUDs were caused by my phone calls, and I don't know which representative I should trust. It seems the second representative did not get my information from the database and just gave me a general excuse (name check). I hope what the first representative told me is true.
Congratulations NIW485Waiter. I also did Code 3 biometrics on Sept 28 in Sacramento ASC at about 2:15 P.M. My number was 78. But my fate is same as littlemonk.
On Oct 1,2005 there was LUD as well as message change in my case saying on Oct 1, 2005 we have received your FP blah.....blah....
End to End 12 years..

Here is my story guys, any one interested to read!!
I got my approval emails on last day I mean on Sept 30th afternoon and actual approval took place on Sept 29th (as per online message). I was in touch with Div XII on a daily basis. I know till 26th Name Check was not clear and Div XII used to say please check after 120 days. I knew I do not have 120 days so I tried to touch base with them on a daily basis. I thought worst-case scenario would be they might get pissed off and delay it further, which retrogression any way going to do that after Oct 1. Till Sept 27th they keep sending me message “Check after 120 days” (perhaps 4 – 5 time in 1 week) also my lawyer and senator too got the same message. I got my first positive sign on Sept 28th when they said you are all set to be adjudicating today. Perhaps this is the day when they locate our tape and my names check data was loaded onto USCIS system. I sent another mail on 29th and he said “Didn’t I tell you that you were adjudicated-approved yesterday?” But online status was silent about this and there was not even a single LUD on this. On 30th I asked him again about online status, which is still showing pending. In just 30 minute on-line status changed to “Approved and notice will be send in 14 days…..’ and also got my 2 long awaited emails.

I started my green card pursuit way back in 1993 but before it gets conceptualized I abandoned it and decided to move back to India and later to UK. Decided to come to US again in 1998 but lost in labyrinths of dotcom and IT boom and completely forgot to start green card process. Finally started it in 2000 and got my labor done in 27 days and almost filed my I-140 but changed my job in early 2001 and couldn’t not transported my labor certification along me. I am sure someone must have used my Labor as substitute and got his/her Green card lot earlier than me. This time I joined a very large company and just after joining they had a massive lay off and green card process was kept on freezer for 9 months. Finally Labor filed in Nov 2001 and State cleared in Dec 2002 after clearing some queries by state DOL. Federal got completed during March 2004 and immediately Filed 140 in March itself and I-485 in May 2004. Undergone FP in July for self and spouse and Cleared I-140 in March 2005. Received FBI email for clearing Name check on July 28 but I guess that tape was lost in transit. Last 15 days I madly worked with Lawyer, Div XII, FBI, Senator and Congressman and now you know what happened on Sept 30th.

I sincerely pray that everyone who was riding on July 28th train (and other too) should get clears soon. I just read that they are keep getting LUDs until Oct 1st, which I am taking as positive sign. You never know they may be assigning visa numbers to you files.

I owe a lot to this group and this wouldn’t be possible without this forum. Rahul kumar is my hero.

Now can any one tell me how long it takes to receive actual Notice of approval?
Bio taken on 09/29, LUD on 10/01 without content change

Lawyer infom me of bio-2 notice on 09/27 and fedex out on the same day. Arrive on 09/29 due to a mistaken of zip code of her damn secretary. Take bio on 2pm 09/29 at San Jose ASC. The same day DivIIX answer my inquriy of my case as still pending on Name check. LUD updated on 10/01 Saturnday without any content change. It could be due to answering of my inquiry or my bio arrival. Will see what happen next week

My Bio Notice was dated on 09/22, a time stamp 09/26 on page top, maybe it was the date sent out from USCIS, or maybe a date of my laywer's office receive it.

No sure if I am on the tape of Sep. 28. But my bio notice was generated by USCIS as early as Sep. 22. Wondering what triggers the bio notices.