If you get FP code 3 notice, don't wait, run to your ASC!!


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hope_Nov said:
Dear friends,

I tried again to walk in ASC (Phoenix). The guard again didn't let me in although I begged him and made up several reasons. He insisted that I could do this within 85 days although I pointed out that if it delays, my application will be abandoned (it says in the notice). The guard was not very friendly. Well, guess I can only go on Oct 5.

Hey Hope_Nov,

I don't think your approval really depends upon biometric. I got approval
exact one year after our first FP. I was asked to do Biometric only after
the approval (infact approval notice said so). Let's hope.


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Thanks guys. Hope my LUDs occurred not because Mr. Williams checked my case.

I checked with my congressman every other day and still no words from FBI about my name check status.

I am very active on this board for the past several days.:).


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Went for Early Biometrics. I485 LUD

Hello All,

I went in for early biometrics. The staff was really polite and said they were not busy and could accomodate us. Guess its just luck.

I came back and logged into my USCIS account and saw and LUD for 9/30. The message has not changed and still shows that results from the old fingerprints have been received.

I know my application is undergoing name check and my senators office told me that they can't help me.

Anyways, I have done what I could. If I do get hit by the retrogression truck, there is nothing I can really do.



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Hope_Nov and all..yesterday the security guy was frinedly but the lady told me the same thing that they told you. So I guess I guess I will not be making any further attemptt and will go as scheduled on Oct 6. Is there anything to e-mail to CSC-XII.485@dhs.gov without fingerprinting? thanks..


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Not quite understanding what you are asking. When was your first FP done? Send an email to that address to see what Mr. Williams will tell you. I got a reponse yesterday stating that my name check is pending.


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I did early biometrics code 2 yesterday, saw LUD this afternoon.

send email inquiry for 485 status, no answer yet.


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I was rejected at 10:30 AM from Buena Park, CA.
The place was jam packed with people for biometrics.
But 2:15PM at Bellflower ASC, the place was totally empty.
I finsihed code 3 biometrics in 10-15 minutes.


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Good luck..

If your FP is still not expired then I wouldn't surprise to see your approval in couple of days. I am sure your application must have secured a visa number today because I am reasonably sure that all July 28 tape information is on place in USCIS database.


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I am in teh same boat. I-485 NC pending, got biometric FP for oct. 6.

Please help me in this case----
what to write to mail in this email addres, can u please send me the format...i would be highly obliged

Hope_now , ur mail/msg box is full, i tries sending u a msg



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Thanks Lingeron,

The thing is I don't know what my name check status is. Am I in July 28th tape? I don't know. Hope I am in.


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July 28th tape did get into the system

I visisted the local service center to just see what they can do. The officer showed me a printout of the NAme check results database, with my data uploaded into the system yesterday 9/29/2005 at 7:44 pm with no record found. He congratulated me that my name is cleared, but couldn't help me any further. HE suggested me to contacted the CSC 800 number and/or email. I did send the email but 800 number is screwed up today.
Lets see if there is any other miracle now.

How do you know that July 28th tape cases will be approved, come on they are not our uncles/aunts to reserve Visa numbers...


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If the application is adjudicable then they will reserve one.. On this board majority of the discussions are based on perception. No one can tell you any thing for sure until you have something in black and white. . I didn’t see any one getting RFE in recent time so my positive sense of mind says they will reserve one for hope_nov (if his name is clear) and one for you. Want to bet? ;) There is no harm thinking positive :)


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I agree with lingeron These people are not as heartless as made out to be.
My hunch is that they will accomodate all whose papers are ready to be adjudicated.

down_the wire


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Iam optimistic too

down_the_wire, lingeron,
I share your optimism. The reason I asked you the question was to find if somebody really heard this from CIS or something like that.

Besides that, I am fine, no worries, its not a big deal, GC ho ya nahin, the show must go on..


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What is July 28th tape?

What is July 28th tape that you guys are referening to?
Thank you.
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Greeny (Suresh),
Cutting the long story short. Bunch of guys cleared the Name check and their information was sent to USCIS on July 28 via Magnetic tape from FBI. It was lost for full two months and suddenly appeared Just in Time. We all are hoping to get through before 5pm today.


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yipppeeee! gotcha the approval !

Folks, Elated 'n excited as i'm, still tryin' hard to believe this godsend....

My case was approved today and i just got the 2 emails which i've been waitin for all these days... the online status also shows as approved...

Cliched & trite as it may sound, i really owe it to the folks on this forum for voicing out ideas and strategies for getting unwinded thro' this small plastic card....

special thanx to outlet_volt, lingeron and others who've provided some invaluable tips...

man, am i typing in excitement...can't believe our case went thro' the final day....

i got the mails around 9pm tonight. So just keep checking ur mails....

wish all you guys who're in the wait-train a happy ending very soon....