I864 Domicile (Part 4)


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I'm a US citizen sponsoring my husband, and we both live in Spain. I understand that in part 4, I have to claim my domicile is in the USA, and show I've maintained ties there. I can do that with a current US drivers license and open bank account. (Though the whole thing strikes me as odd, because if we're supposed to be proving a legit marriage, what would I be doing living in the US while he's still in Spain? Regardless.)

My US resident Dad will be the joint sponsor.

My question is, for my Mailing Address and Place of Residence, do I put my Spanish address, or my Dad's address so I have a US address? Do I put my Spanish telephone number, or my Dad's telephone number? (He's also our Agent and doesn't mind my putting his address/phone down).

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Well, the idea behind showing ties to US (properties that you own, through a job that you will join, a college you will attend, a house that you are buying, a lease for a rental, school admission for kids, etc.) are ways to prove that you are serious about relocating to the United States (I am not sure that merely a license or bank account are enough to prove domicile. So it is not as if you have to prove current ties, but evidence of the intent, and that is why a lease or school admission letters are more powerful.

Yes, you can use your dad's address and phone number and if he will let you stay in his house for a few months, a letter from him might be used as evidence of your domicile.