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I-485 approved.

I got my approval on June 27th, 2005. Thanks to the members of this forum for sharing the information.

Good luck to all.


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Got my Green Card thanks

I got my Green Card on July 14th and got approved on Jun 25th.
Thanks for all the help from everyone on this forum.
Best of luck.
ND Oct 25 2002
First FP April 1 2005
Approval June 25 2005 No RFE
2002 case pending


My kid's case is still pending. Here is the information:

RD: 07/2002 EB-1 based
My kid's case was filed with mine together.
My case was approved on 3/2003.
My kid's case is tille pending
Her bithday is 3/1991, but no fingerprint notice so far.
Called the center, but the response letter is always "the case is pending".

I am going to send a expedite letter to the director. I appreciate if any friend could tell me the better address that I should send to.

Any comment will be highly appreciated.




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What Is Code 1 On Asc Notice

Hello Friend,
I am one of the unfortunate one with I-485 petition (Priority date October 22, 2002). Recently I received another notice (probably a finger printing notice, 3rd since I filed the petition) and it has CODE 1. What is code 1. Please reply.


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485 Denied - United Nations Pls help

I have got the notice of decision to deny my I485. The sequence of events is as follows.

Filed 140/I485 on Oct 7,1997 with Texas center - EB3. I40 got approved on April 29,2005.

Changed the address during last week of March '05. Called USCIS and intimated USCIS, but did not get any confirmation till date

Got attorney got RFE for W-2/employment letter and medicals during first week of June '05. Attorney says they responded to the RFE (Could be wrong?)

Receiving fingerprint notice during June 3rd week for appointment on June 29. FP Notice was sent to attorney and notice was sent to me at my old address (It shows that they have not updated their address till June) which went back undelivered. They resent the notice on 6/21/05 which I have never received. Meanwhile I did the fingerpriting as scheduled by showing the notice sent to the attorney by USCIS and forwarded to me.

Last Friday, I got notice of decision to deny my and wife's I-485 because of failure to respond to the RFE. Attorney says he responded to the RFE, but I doubt.

"Upon consideration, this application of permanent residence, Form I485 filed on 10/06/04 under Sec 245 of the immigration and Nationality Act, to adjust the applicant's status to that of lawful permanent is ordered denied for abandonment because the applicant did not respond to a service notice with the required documents and information."

"On 6/21/05, Service requested principal's complete I693 medical exam, current employment letter and 2004 W2. Since no reply has been received , this application is denied for abandonment."

Original RFE was issued in April to my old address and they resent the notice to the new address (Which I did not receive either) on June. I think the date 6/21/05 they mentioned is the date when they sent second notice to the new address. I think they messed up with my second and first notice and failed to properly link the response to the notice issued twice at different address.

Is there any chance to get my 485 revived
Hi All,

Our 485 cases (wife's and mine) were approved yesterday.Received the email today morning.

I have been silent observer of this forum for many years.

I am really thankful for the information and knowledge, this forum shares.

I wish best luck and quick response to all who are eagerly waiting for their approval.


Case details are,

PD : Sep 2002 EB2 TEXAS
Labor cleared : July 2005
140/485/EAD/AP applied Sep 2005
140/EAD/AP cleared :Oct 2005
FP : Oct 2005
485 Approval : 2/May/2006
NO RFE/NO LUD change.


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EB2 with BS+ 4 year 10 monhts

Hi Gurus/united nations,

A have an offer of Sub labor(EB2) with MS as requirement . I have only BS + 4 year 10 months experience till priority date of that labor. The priority date is May 2002.

And also I have already cleared with a EB2 labor under PERM in 2005 and my 140 is cleared already under EB2. I am interested in the sublabor because of the priority date. Its not a desi company ..the condition is i will have to join them in a month or couple of months once they apply sublabor for me.

What are the chances I will get cleared with 140 as i have 4 years 10months experiece. My educational evaluation is equivalent to both BS.(BS in science and BS computer sciences) as I have done bachelor of engg and 1year PG diploma.

Or advise me how to approach.
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