I-751 ROC


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I am married to us citizen, we have two kids together and own a home together. I have received a 2 year conditional green card through marriage. Before the expiration date of the green card, we jointly applied for ROC. But 3 months has passed, I found out that my husband was having affair with prostitutes. We are now separated for close to 2 months. I really don’t know what is the best option for me to do now. Do I file for the divorce now and send the amendment to uscis; or do I wait on the approval of I-751? Please I really need guidance
Will he withdraw the I-751? If there is an interview, will he refuse to attend? If he does either of these things, or if one of you files for divorce and the divorce becomes final before I-751 is approved, then divorce and changing the I-751 to be based on divorce is the only option. Otherwise either option is possible -- remaining married and continue with joint I-751, or divorce and change it to an I-751 on the basis of divorce.