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Discussion in '485 issues in Nebraska Service Center' started by fmmac, Apr 7, 2009.

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    This is the extract of the RFE I received.....

    "The documentation submitted with your application and/or review of Service records indicates that you do no reside in the same state or geographical location as the underlying Form I-140 immigrant visa petitioner and/or the job location specified by your intended permanent employer.

    Therefore, submit a currently dated letter from you original Form I-140 employer which addresses this discrepancy. The letter should also indicate whether the terms and conditions of your employment-based visa petition (or labor certification) continue to exist. This letter must be in the ORIGINAL and signed by an executive or officer of the organization who is authorized to make or confirm an offer of permanent employment"

    Here is my case…..
    I work for a software consulting company based in Virginia. My work place is in Los Angeles.
    In the labor certification section H - Job Opportunity Information (Where work will be performed). Here Los Angeles, California was given

    In the I-140 application, Part 6 section 4 – Address where the person will work if different from Part 1. Here the lawyer forgot to give Los Angeles, California address. Since there was no address in this section USCIS assumed the address given in Part 1 which is Virginia.

    Now the Lawyer suggests to get a letter from the employer stating that Part 6 section 4 was mistakenly left blank. The current work place is Los Angles, California as given in the labor certification. And the letter should also certify that I have Permanent full-position with job duties as mentioned in the labor certification.

    Do you guys think that this letter will work?

    Please advice

  2. Harry04

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    I am also in the similar situation for which I posted a query some time ago.

  3. ajaysri

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    I got a similar RFE. Can you please tell how have you responded and did USCIS acknowledge the response?
  4. fmmac

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    On May 1, 09 my REF response reached USCIS and the online status got updated to. We received your response to REF and your processing is resumed. If you do not here from in 60 days ...................
  5. Harry04

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    I got a letter from employer saying that they are still committd to the conditions of my future employment and that I was located currently for the sake of continuity of my children's education. and that I would be relocated to the future employmnt location as soon soon it is convinient for me. USCIS received it and updated the status on their web site. This I hope indicates they did not want any more info on this.
    Hope it helps.
  6. VKR2002

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    job location change

    I am working for a consulting company based in ct and i just moved to ny, different client. i looked at my labor and the work location mentioned is "CT and other locations in US". Will this cover me or do you think an RFE is inevitable? My case is with TSC and at the last infopass they said it has been preadjudicated (EB2, oct 2004 PD).
    And all you guys who responded to such RFEs, did you have any updates on your case?

    Thank you.
  7. fmmac

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    I received an I-485 Interview notice. The interview is scheduled on August 7, 2009.
  8. sivanandkrish

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    Hello Friends,
    I received a similar kind of query, could you please tell how you resolved it? And what is your status after replying the rfe? Thank you!

  9. Harry04

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    See my response in the thread above. I have not heard anything after that which means they have no more questons. awaiting AOS.
  10. sivanandkrish

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    Hi Harry,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Could you please tell me when is your priority date? Mine is EB2 - Oct 2004.

  11. redeye1

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    similar situation


    Could you please reply to me. I am in a similar situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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