I-485 has been transferred to local asylum office and pending over 3 years

Dear Forumers:

My father's asylum status was granted in 2008, and he filed the I-485 AOS in 2008 as well, but the case is still under pending right now.
Me and my mom came to the US based on my father's granted asylum status in January, 2010, and we filed the I-485 in January, 2011. On April 25th, 2011, all of our I-485 cases were transferred to Anaheim, CA, the local asylum office. I have contact the office numerous times, they told me just wait for 6 month, and contact them again if no result. I have been also informed that our case is under "quality review".
I have found several similar cases online, and those were back in 2008 or earlier, many says an interview will be scheduled, but we haven't received any notice for interview. No updates, no results, no nothing.
I would like to know what happened with those ones who had the similar issue back in 2008 or earlier.